HK Says “Open-up Dock Arms” After Death

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Dec 122010
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Hong Kong dockyards and terminals should carry out open-up inspections to the stress-bearing parts of dock arms every four years says the region’s Marine department following an investigation the fatality of a worker on a floating dock.

A dock arm is a lifting appliance used for conveying workers to the vicinity of hull plates of a vessel under repair to carry out grit-blasting or painting in dockyards. On the extremity of the arm, there is a rotating work platform which remains horizontal at different angles of inclination. Four-yearly inspections are required by the Code of Practice for Competent Examiners on the Examination of Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear on Local Vessels issued by Marine Department. Continue reading »

HK Director of Marine orders investigation into collision

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Dec 062010
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Hong Kong’s  Director of Marine has ordered an investigation into a collision that occurred early this morning (December 7). Meanwhile, the Marine Department’s Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre is co-ordinating a search and rescue operation for seven missing crew of a sand barge involved in the collision.

At 3.15am, the Marine Police received a report that a sand barge with 14 crew members on board and a container vessel with nine crew members collided east of Tung Lung Chau.

The sand barge capsized and is semi-submerged at the southern tip of Tung Lung Chau. A marker buoy has been laid to mark the position.

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Beware Around Cranes Says Hong Kong

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May 122010

image Hong Kong’s Marine Department has issued the following safety alert regarding safe working practices around cranes:

A serious accident occurred in January 2010 in which a coxswain onboard a dredger was seriously injured attempting to lubricate the crane turntable whilst the crane was operating. The investigation into the accident revealed that the coxswain climbed beneath the crane turntable without notifying the crane operator. He was caught between the mudguard and the turntable and severely injured by the motion of the machinery.

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