Masters At Risk Of Arrest With Guards’ Arms

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Feb 212011

SAP takes aim at masters?

Masters risk arrest in South African ports if disembarking srmed guards leave their weapons aboard, warns Gard Norway, following the arrest of two. South Africa has strict rules regarding guns and masters and shipowners should be aware of them.

Says Gard: “Due to the upsurge in piracy activity in the Indian Ocean, there has been a large increase in the number of merchant vessels carrying security guards, guns and ammunition. Often, the security guards disembark the vessel after the vessel has transited the “hotspot” area off East Africa but the guns remain on board, only to be removed at final destination.
The issue of guns and ammunition remaining on board vessels is creating problems for owners and recently two masters were arrested in South Africa and charged under the South African Firearm Control Act. The situation is not new and has already been addressed by Gard both in the form of a Gard alert1 and a Gard News article2.
Gard’s correspondent in Durban SA, P&I Associates, has prepared this overview of requirements related to armaments on merchant vessels. Continue reading »

ISSG Releases Anti-Piracy Operations Guide

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Aug 112009

image Publicity for Somali piracy and increased demand for protection has had a number of private protection companies making a beeline for the maritime industry without doing their homework, some of them frankly frightening to anyone familiar with the industry. MAC, whose writing on piracy issues goes back to his Lloyds List days in the early 1990s, can say that Mike Murrell, ISSG chief operations officer, has done his homework because for several months he’s been picking MAC’s brains, and others, on the industry needs.

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