QCV Closure Led To Blackout, Contact

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May 252011

Marine Safety Forum has issued a brief report on an incident in which an offshore supply vessel lost power due to an incorrectly set quick-closing valve which led to contact with and offshore installation. The report does not name the vessel or installation but it is believed to be the Grampian Defender Collision with the  Magnus Platform reported in the Aberdeen-based newspaper Evening Express.

The MSF alerts says: “A Platform Supply Vessel was working weather-side to an installation carrying out deck cargo operations. Continue reading »

Offshore Contact: Grampian Defender Collides With Magnus Platform

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Apr 302011

MAC has little information regarding these dramatic photos, from a MAC subscriber on condition of anonimity, of the ERRV Grampian Defender hitting the BP Magnus offshore facility on 22 April. According to Aberdeen-based newspaper Evening Express workers on the facility felt a heavy jolt , work on the platform was stopped and personnel evacuated.

There are no reports of harm to personnel or pollution at this time.

The 27-year old Magnus is 160 kilometres north-east of the Shetland Islands in the UK zone, making it the most northerly UK field. The Magnus jacket is the largest single piece steel structure in the North Sea.

Grampian Defender is a 2002-built 850 GRT ERRV operated by the Craig Group.

If you have information on this incident we’d be pleased to hear about it.

Norway’s PSA recently says a total of 115 collisions between installations and visiting vessels with work on the field have been reported since 1982, and no less than 26 between 2001 and 2010. Earlier this year it warned: “is concerned that the many collisions between vessels and installations on the NCS could lead to major accidents. It has called for big improvements in ship operation”.

More photos:

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