Euro-Rogues Are Upon Us

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Oct 262008

Time for the surfboardJudging by search statistics, one of MAC’s most popular posts is ‘Give Us A wave’, a look at rogue waves – mountains of water that can reach 20 metres or more and which were once thought to be exaggerations by credulous seafarers who didn’t know any better. Now Europe’s Maritime Safety Agency is taken them very seriously.

In its recently released Maritime Accident Review for 2007, EMSA comments:

A new phenomenon has recently appeared in EU waters, or perhaps it is an old one which has been given better media coverage than before. Rogue waves are those which are much bigger and much more dangerous than others, and they can cause significant damage. The largest of these have been reported by oil rig workers in the North Sea at up to 20 metres high, although smaller ones have inflicted significant damage. Continue reading »