Dare To Care Says Gard

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Feb 032011

Dare to care for your crewmate

Gard Norway’s Loss Prevention and Risk Assessment Department makes an important point in its latest mail-out: ” It is often stated that human errors are among the major contributors to the causes of marine accidents.
At the same time we know from experience that humans are the most valuable barrier in any safety
management system”.

Says the club:everyone needs to “dare to care” about their own and their colleagues
safety… Imagine a situation where you see a colleague carrying out an unsafe act, e.g. entering a tank without proper safety equipment. Take a few moments and reflect on how you think people in your organisation would react in a situation like this?”

Good points. Get the advisory here.

Towing New Dead Ships

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Aug 192010

image P&I Club Gard says it has “seen an increasing number of incidents occurring during ocean towage of hulls from construction yard to outfitting site. The incidents are mainly caused by the loss of towage connection, followed by an inability to re-establish the tow before perilous situations arise and consequential stranding occurs. “

We have occasionally seen that a lack of experience, combined with incomplete risk assessments and planning, together with pressure to transport the hull to the outfitting site as quickly as possible, have resulted in decisions being made which have lead to the necessary precautions not being taken. Winter tow may involve additional problems and delay, for example: winter tows in ice conditions.The warranty towage survey with regards to weather and ensuring safe towage are also at times disregarded to hasten delivery.

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