Check For Cracks In FPDs

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Feb 272016

Step Change In Safety has issued the following warning:

Cracks in watercraft OEM maintainance pennants
During routine five-yearly NDT inspection, cracks were found in the bottom fork of the FPDs fitted to the Mills release gear on Watercraft lifeboats. Further investigation revealed similar failures on other boats fitted with this combination of equipment.

It is not currently known what the cause of the cracking is. Investigations are continuing.

The failure is currently believed to relate solely to Mills OEM equipment.

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Apr 012015

Given the enthusiasm displayed by lifeboats to fall off their hooks with depressing regularity one would hope that fitting a fall prevention device, FPD, to a lifeboat during drills is regarded as good seamanship these days. On the other hand one that is not properly arranged is not going to do its job, as a safety alert from Marine Safety Forum, MSF, explains.

An MSF member reports that during hoisting of a starboard lifeboat, it reached the upper deck, it was noticed that the FPD was not properly secured or attached to the lifeboat. Continue reading »

3M Recalls G-model Retractable Lanyards

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Nov 092011

Do not use

3M is recalling all G-model retractable lanyards after discovering faults in returned equipment. The company has issued a Stop-Use notice as part of the recall.

A statement by the company warns that a ‘small number’ of lanyards did not achieve proper lock-up during user pre-inspection pull tests on the webbing lifeline.

Any G-model lanyards should be quarantined immediately and steps made to return them to the company/

Models affected by the recall are GW-7 and GW-11 series, as well as DLGW-7 and DLGW-11 equipment.

Download the recall notice.

Jan 112011

Holland-America Line Volendam

Several months, at least, will pass before investigation into the Volendam tragedy in which a 29 year old Indonesian drowned when a cable parted in port Lyttleton, Christchurch can be completed and it would be very unwise to speculate on specifics. Nevertheless even the sparse information so far available presents lessons regarding lifeboat safety management worth learning regardless of whether they actually applied in this individual case. Continue reading »

Intertanko Marine Manager :”Whole lifeboat system unsatisfactory”

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Jan 222010

imageResponding to the recent ParisMOU Concentrated Inspection Campaign reports, Franki Larsson, Intertanko’s Marine Manager criticised lifeboat manufacturers for placing liability above seafarer safety and that still no way exists to evacuate seafarers reliably and safely from ships. His letter, responding to the conclusions of a Paris MOU CIC on lifeboat safety appeared in a recent Lloyd’s List and is reproduced in the current electronic edition of Maritime Executive:

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