Mooring Fatality: Flumar Brasil

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Jun 062011

Area A (red circle) – Main Deck mooring station (STBD) 1 – Accident Area (Location of victim – red figure) 2 – Stern Ring (Location of the double securing of the After Bow Spring line) 3 – Forward Ring (Single securing of the After Bow Spring line). Source: Brazilian Maritime Authority

Mooring lines are notoriously deadly. If someone’s standing the way when one snaps the chances of death or permanent injury are very high. Brazil’s report on the fatality of a deckhand aboard the MV Flumar Brasil on 27 September 2010 is fairly typical.

As deckhand bent to make a figure-of-eight in the stern eye (Photo 02 Area A) he
was hit by the after bow spring line which jumped off the mooring bitt . The impact on the forehead removed his helmet and threw him against a closed chock causing his death.

Says the report: “Investigations into the circumstances of casualties that have occurred have shown that accidents on board ships are in most cases caused by an insufficient knowledge of, or disregard for, the need to take precautions”.

“It should be policy onboard that inexperienced personnel who are to be involved in mooring operations should be under the supervision and direction of an experienced seafarer, properly trained to follow the correct procedures, and both should be aware of who is undertaking that duty. So, despite mooring be a dangerous part of a vessel’s operation, it can be done safely when those involved are properly trained, supervised and follow the correct procedures. Continue reading »