Venting Valve, Poor Training, Leaves three Dead

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May 012011

This tragic report comes from a concerned MAC subscriber and is a good case to use when discussing confined spaces with crew. Break it down into events and ask “what would you do in this situation”, the determined brother-in-law being a situation that you may havee to deal with.

M/V Melanie is a small inter island containership that is worked in the non-union section of the port of Miami FL USA using a gantry or shore crane. She is worked in the Caribbean using ship’s gear for the most part.

A 20′ ISO standard container of liquefied air-conditioning propellant came to the gate.  The tank was venting gas through an obviously altered relief valve.
The driver explained to the clerk at the gate, who had no HAZMAT training, that the venting was normal and harmless.  As the tank had the proper label and the documentation showed that it was a non-hazardous “green” gas in liquid form the clerk accepted the container into the terminal. Continue reading »