Check Hydralift Davit Hydraulics

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Apr 232010

imageIf you have Hydralift davits for your fast rescue boat, FRC, you should check them, in particular the hydraulic ram eye at the cylinder end warns Marine Safety Forum. The safety following an incident during a man overboard, MOB, exercise. Fortunately no-one was hurt but the potential is evident.

An offshore installation called for a MOB Exercise. Crew boarded the starboard FRC and the launching operation commenced. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the davit swung out violently damaging the sponson of the FRC. Hydraulic pipes and the stowing frame were also damaged. The FRC crew managed to disembark safely.

The type of failed davit is “Hydralift”, Model: HL6D-3200-MOB & SWL: 3200 Kg. Vessel was relieved and returned immediately to port for repairs and FRC  replacement.

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