Unfamiliar, Unfocussed + Autopilot = Close Call

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Nov 202010

imageAn OOW was not familiar with the 360° azimuth propulsion on his vessel had not been informed of, or familiarised with, the full operational status of the system. He did not fully understand the Azimuth / Auto Pilot interface system and alarm and was unable to quickly understand what was happening when he tried to stop the vessel as it approached a barge.

The result was a close call, says Marine Safety Forum in a safety alert.

Although the OOW was an experienced officer he had not used Azimuth propulsion systems before joining this vessel. He first joined the vessel at sea 6 months before the incident; Vessel operations were on-going and no induction or formal introduction to the systems, equipment or procedures was given although he had put great individual effort into familiarising himself with these in so far as he was able.

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