One In Three Claims Slips, Trips Falls Says UK P&I

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Apr 182012
How many slips are caused by people moving around slippery or greasy decks, possibly wearing inappropriate footwear?

Slips, trips and falls represent nearly one in three of the large personal injury claims submitted says the UK P&I Club, which has just issued a leaflet intended to reduce the incidence of such accidents.

Following the launch of its Bow Tie loss prevention initiative in January 2012, the UK P&I Club is publishing a series of ‘Risk Focus’ booklets which highlight specific areas of risk. This month’s is ‘Risk Focus: Slips, trips and falls’.

The Bow Tie loss prevention initiative involves surveyors visiting ships and, together with the managers and crew, producing Bow Tie charts specific to individual vessels that identify areas of risk and suggest how such risks might be mitigated.

Analysis of previous incidents over  23 years has enabled the club to identify ‘threats’, ‘consequences’ and ‘controls’, the foundations of developing reports on specific vessels. In total, the Club’s Risk Prevention Director Karl Lumbers estimates that it has identified seven primary risk hazards, 76 common threats, which if not contained could cause an incident and 450 controls which need to be in place and effective if the threats are to be contained.

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SSM Warns On Cargo Hold Dangers

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Apr 142010

image P&I club Steamship Mutual’s latest Risk Alert says that crew illness and injury claims consistently represent around 30% of all claims incurred by the club in any one year. A substantial number involve avoidable personal injury and high levels of cost.

These have included a bosun severely injured by a heavy tarpaulin dropped into a hold, a seafarer and chief officer trapped by a cargo of pipes during heavy weather, a oss of barge stability that resulted in two seafarers, one of whom died, going overboard along with cargo, and a crushed thumb.

“It should be evident from the narrative of each event that the incidents and the resultant injuries were all avoidable,” says SSM.

Download a copy of Risk Alert here.