Jun 202010

Spill, what spill?

MAC has commented before on the hazards of generic ‘safety’ documents from SMS to lifeboat manuals now wandering walruses have uncovered similar documents at BP, Exxon and Conocophillips in the Gulf of Mexico.

Each company’s oil response plans include protection of the walrus. Fortunately, the walrus is not merely a rare animal in the Gulf of Mexico, it is non-existent, as are several other species mentioned in the oil spill response plans.

Both Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson and Conocophillips CEO James Mulva confessed that the documents were ‘embarassing’. They certainly were.

All three companies purchased their oil spill response plans from the same company, The Response Group. In fact, five oil majors in total bought plans from The Response Group with, allegedly, 90 per cent identical content.

The term ‘money for old rope’ leaps to mind.

The Response Group’s motto is “Your ability to respondsis our shared responsibility”.

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