Jul 072009

Utter, irresponsible stupidity. Perhaps ‘incompetence’ needs to be in there somewhere. The failures of the most basic safety measures aboard the cross-channel ro-ro ferry Eurovoyager were an inexcusable disregard for human life worthy of the most miserable third world ferry outfit in the Philippines or Bangladesh.

The insanity of sailing with water-tight doors unsecured, and act of irresponsibility which resulted in a seafarer being severely injured in a crushing incident, is a particular hot-button in the UK, where the deaths of 193 people when the Herald of Free Enterprise sank in the English Channel in 1987, the country’s worst maritime disaster in 90 years, are still remembered.

Herald of Free Enterprise capsized and sank because she sailed with her bow doors open. It was common practice on Eurovoyager to sail with watertight doors unsecured.

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