Nautical Institute launches ECDIS and Positioning,

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Mar 292010

Dr Andy Norris

The Nautical Institute has launched ECDIS and Positioning, by Dr Andy Norris CNI to provide mariners a grounding in all aspects of ECDIS and the use of electronic charts.

ECDIS and Positioning, the second volume of Dr Norris’s Integrated Bridge Systems series, helps paper chart-taught officers to make ECDIS work for them. It also helps new entrants to the industry, who may be more familiar with Google Earth, to understand how to use the system within accepted navigational principles.

Institute President Captain Richard Coates FNI expressed concern about the “inadequacy” of ECDIS training. “Despite the long use of satellite systems for positioning and the imminent mandating of electronic charts in 2012, there is little information written for the mariner concerning the practical use of these technologies,” he said. “Many are grappling with the problems of using electronic charts and ECDIS after being trained on paper charts.”

ECDIS and Positioning by Dr Andy Norris CNI, ISBN: 978 1 906915 11 7, price £40, is available from The Nautical Institute