Feb 142013

dp2Single fault failures should not be possible in safety critical systems. However, a recent incident in which dynamic positioning failed while divers were underwater show that they can and do happen in ways that, with 20/20 hindsight, are not surprising.

A serious incident occurred in which a diving support vessel’s dynamic positioning (DP) system, designated as IMO class 2, failed resulting in the vessel drifting off position while divers were deployed subsea. Investigations have shown that a probable cause of the DP failure was a single fault which caused blocking of the DP system’s internal data communications. Continue reading »

6Degrees Gives Third Degree To Fakes, Lies and Fraudulent Seatime

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Apr 132011

As it gets harder to find seatime, and with people increasingly unwilling to do what it actually takes to get it, faking certificates and indeed experience is a becoming a serious issue. An issue that has unfortunately been brought to the fore in the world of Dynamic Positioning (DP).

An article in the Spring edition of 6degrees form the International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association (IDPOA), looks at the fakes breaking the system and discusses cases of trainees ‘flogging’ their logs and even old hands getting a little creative with their time accountancy. Continue reading »