Boozy Bridge Keep Dropped Bridge On Bow

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Nov 102014

Dropped objects don’t come much bigger than the Jefferson Avenue Bridge over the Rouge River about 10 kilometres southwest of Detroit, Michigan. It is not especially unusual for ships to hit bridges but fairly rare for bridges to hit ships,only fairly rare because it has happened before under similar circumstances – an impaired bridge operator.

About 0212 on May 12, 2013, the bulk carrier Herbert C. Jackson was en route to deliver a load of taconite pellets, a type of iron ore, to the Severstal ore processing terminal in Dearborn, Michigan. As the vessel approached the Jefferson Avenue Bridge, the master slowed and sounded one long and one short blast of the ship’s whistle to notify the bridge tender of the approach and request a bridge opening. While waiting, the master brought the vessel to a near-complete stop. About 0205, the master saw the bridge begin to open, and when the drawbridge was fully open and green lights were visible on each bridge section, he increased speed.

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Dangers Out Of The Side Door

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Aug 272010

image Britain’s Health and Safety Executive, Offshore Division, has issued the following alert regarding Failures of manually operated side-door elevators due to unplanned opening of latch mechanism of side-door elevators lifting large diameter well casing from the horizontal position.

Says HSE: “There have been several serious dropped object incidents in offshore Northern Europe, including a near fatality, involving the use of manually operated side-door elevators to lift large diameter well casing. The incidents involved the unplanned opening of the elevators, during tailing-out or lifting of pipe from a horizontal position, allowing the load to fall. Investigation of the incidents has raised concerns about the safety of the latching mechanism.”

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The DO That Didn’t

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May 312010

imageBy its nature, many of MAC’s posts have unhappy endings. The question is: if you were this storeman would you have identified and acted on a hazard to your shipmates?

Sometimes we get so wrapped in getting the job done that we forget to add ‘safely’. Be alert because the life you save may be your buddy’s.

Marine Safety Forum reports the happy tale thusly:

“Whilst working at the starboard lay down area emptying a container the store man noticed, directly underneath the grating, there was a tank hatch open with a ladder leading down inside. This was the entry into the cargo tank which had been opened for repairs at the bottom of the tank.

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