ERIKA MOB: A Case For Manual Lifejackets

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Nov 242011

Permanent searail installed after the incident

Auto-inflating lifejackets had been abandoned on the seiner Erika because water ondeck repeatedly caused them to inflate. As a result, when a seafarer was swept overboard between a sea rail and a gunwhale  by a sliding seine net at night in cold seas, he stood little chance of survival.

A manually-operated lifejacket might have given him the edge.

Equally important, the incident highlights the need to properly assess the safety impact of changes made to vessels.

The Danish Marine Accident Investigation Board, which had recently released its investigation into the incidents says: “On 27 February 2011, the seiner Erika was fishing for capelin on the fishing grounds west of Iceland. At 21.00 LT, while securing the third throw of the seine for the day, one fisherman fell overboard. The remaining crew were able to recover the fisherman, but he was uconscious, and it was not possible to resuscitate him. A doctor was hoisted on board Erika from a rescue helicopter, and the doctor declared the fisherman dead”.

The report concludes: Continue reading »

Untight Hatches Foundered Ferry

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Apr 082011

Egholm II - Water down the hatch

Untight hatches led to the foundering of the ferry Egholm II while under tow to a yard for rebuilding. Water swept over the foredeck and made ingress into the engine room.

Says the newly-released Danish Maritime Authority report: “EGHOLM II is a ferry with a tonnage of 99.5 BT. The ship is (sic)built in 1963. Continue reading »

Uiloq Fire: Cold Tube Made Bad Fit

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Jan 252011

Bad connection leads to fire

And another fire, this time due to sparks from an ill-fitting fluorescent tube arrangement, which was dowsed quickly thanks to effective response by the crew of the cargo ship Uiloq . A similar cause earlier led to a fire aboard a Faroese fishing vessel with the tragic loss of 11 lives.

The fire broke out when electric arcing developed in the sockets in a fluorescent tube fixture in the same way as the fire broke out on the Faroese flagged fishing vessel Hercules in 2007.

Fluorescent tube fixtures with poor mechanical andelectric connection between the sockets and the tubes and with ballasts without open circuit and short circuit protection present a potential risk of causing fire on ships that are moving and vibrating . The fluorescent tubes in question did not fulfil the requirements for preventing over- heating damaging cables and surrounding material. Continue reading »

Villem Clausen Slamming – Speed ‘Unsafe’ – RTFM With Care

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Aug 022010

imageDenmark’s Maritime Authority says that the operations manual for the Bornholmstrafikken-owned, Austal-built ferry Villem Clausen did not provide the vessel’s master with sufficient information regarding safe speed in heavy weather. This contributed to the vessel slamming into ‘one or more waves’ at 33-35 knots on 11 January 2010, during a crossing from Ystad in Sweden to Rønne on the island of Bornholm.

Six passengers were thrown out of their seats and injured as was one crewmember when the vessel hit the waves. Upon arrival in Rønne, two of the six injured passengers had to be treated at the local hospital. The most severe injury was a broken hip.

The slamming caused severe indentations in the bow. Continue reading »

Sejerøfærgen Contact – Distracted Master Underestimated Speed.

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May 312010

imageA ferry master’s lack of appreciation of the effects of wind and seas while approaching Havnsø on 1 December 2009, combined with distraction caused by a problem with bow-thrusters while alone on the bridge led to a contact incident which injured several passengers, one severely, aboard the ro-ro  Sejerøfærgen.

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Accident Report – Karin Schepers and the Stranger on the Bridge

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Aug 082009

A stranger told him the vessel had grounded

“He first realized that the ship was aground when a man he did not know came on the bridge.”

So says the Danish Maritime Authority report on the grounding of the containership Karin Schepers on 22 March 2009. The only good news in the incident is, according to the report: “The passage planning was found to be conducted in a satisfactory manner.”

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No Safety Shoes – How The Toes Goes

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Jul 172008

A trainee fisherman lost the majority of his toes on the left foot in an accident on a trawler while fishing for Norwegian lobsters.

After having emptied one of the trawls into two fish tanks on the aft deck, the trainee fisherman waited by one of the corners of the hatch while the skipper closed it by use of hydraulics.

The left foot of the trainee was in the way of the hatch which either the trainee or the skipper noticed until the foot was squeezed severely by the closing hatch.

The trainee was wearing regular rubber boots.

Says it all.

Read the report here.