Detentions Surprise for Paris MOU

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Aug 012014


Tanzania-flagged Carolyn: Banned twice

Tanzania-flagged Carolyn: Banned twice

Paris MOU expected detentions to increase in 2013 but even it was surprised when they grew by a whopping 87 per cent. Some 28 ships were refused access to Paris MoU ports, the highest number recorded since 2005.

Says the PARIS MOU: “Although it was anticipated that the number of banned ships would rise, an increase of 87% compared to last year was not anticipated. Most ships, 17, have been banned for multiple detentions, while nine were banned for failing to call at an indicated repair yard”.

Over a three year period the flags of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Moldova, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Togo recorded the highest number of bannings. Continue reading »

ParisMOU Bans First Ship Under NIR

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Jan 202011

Saint Kitts and Nevis flagged general cargo ship Ares II has become the first vessel to be banned under the ParisMOU’s new inspection regime.  She  has been banned from the region for 3 months for multiple detentions.

The 1977-built 2,850 dwt vessel is owned by Vera Shipping, operated by Tekso Denicilik of Istambul which is also the ISM manager.

Statutory certificates were issued by International Register of Shipping in November 2010.

Banning list

Dec 222010

image Amongst the abuse seafarers have to undergo from incompetent shipowners is, of course, an abominable lack of concern for their safety. As Christmas dawns, give a thought to folk who had to undergo the privations evident in nearly every one of the six vesels detained by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in November.

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency, MCA, says that six foreign-flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during November 2010 after failing Port State Control, PSC, inspection.

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MCA Reels In A Sorry Eightsome

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Mar 142010

Eight non-UK flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during February 2010 after failing Port State Control (PSC) inspection says the UK’s The Maritime & Coastguard Agency, MCA. Monthly figures show that there were 4 new detentions of foreign flagged ships in UK ports during February 2010 and 4 vessels under detention from the previous month. The overall rate of detentions compared with inspections carried out over the last twelve months was 3% this is slightly down from January’s twelve month rate.

Among the detentions is the notorious Baltiyskiy of rag-in-a-crack fame.

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