Delta Injury: Kick In A Rib Became Pain In The Back

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Jan 312011

Reconstruction showing location of injured person and other passengers at the time of accident

MAIB’s report on back injuries sustained by a passenger in a RIB ferrying workers to a jack-up rig on the Thames is relevant to anyone riding or operating these boats. A safety flyer has been issued with the report.

Passengers in small high-speed craft are subject to potentially high shock and vibration impacts, and MAIB is aware of 12 other accidents that have occurred in the 2 years following the similar Celtic Pioneer accident in August 2008, which also
resulted in lower back compression fractures.
The risk of this type of injury can be reduced by ensuring that:
•     occupants are seated in appropriate seating
•     the boat’s helmsman has received suitable training
•     the boat is appropriately designed and outfitted
•     procedures are in place to exclude passengers who may be particularly at risk,
based on medical grounds.

Here is the MAIB summary:

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