Double DC/FRC Grounding – Forget the Tiger, What About The Bugs In The Tank?

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Jan 302013
Grounded, thanks to bugs

Grounded, thanks to bugs

For the first time since it was put aboard a vessel a fast rescue craft, or daughter craft was launched to carry personnel ashore in Aberdeen. Its engine stopped, due to fuel contamination, and a second craft was sent to tow it. The second craft ran into trouble when its propeller hit a rock and both craft ended up grounding without injury to personnel but significant damage to the craft.

The following investigation showed that the daughter craft had been put onboard over a year earlier in preparation for expanding the role of the vessel to include Safety Standby activities but had not been commissioned or used. During this time water and contamination built up in the DC fuel tanks. The Management of Change process was not utilised during the planning for commissioning the DC and safety standby equipment. Continue reading »

Boom For Daughter Should Take The Weight

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Jan 272011

No procedures for rigging boom

During a routine Daughter Craft (DC) recovery operation the boom that was positioned to lead the bow painter forwards failed, causing the recovery to be aborted. The vessel had created a lee for recovery and the DC made a normal approach and hooked on to the bow line.

As the DC was being positioned under the davit she surged forward on a swell and, as the DC coxswain was correcting his position the swell dropped away astern causing the DC to surge astern. As the weight was taken up on the bow line the boom jumped to a vertical position and bent to an angle of approximately 30 °. Continue reading »