Danish Hostages: Rescue Attempt Fails, Residents Protest

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Mar 102011

These pirates were captured at sea, land-based operations may be more difficult

Attempts to rescue five Danish hostages held in the Beyla district of Puntland have failed, with the deaths of at least seven Puntland soldiers, according to reports from Somalia. Earlier in the week local residents were threatened by the pirates as they mounted a protest and demanded that the hostages be released.

Four adults and three children, all Danish, are held by pirates in the Beyla district after their yacht was seized on 24 February. The pirates have threatened to kill them if rescue attempts are made.

Maria Soltin Grounding – OOW Didn’t Have Eye On The Ball

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Jul 192009


Unchecked change of course, an OOW who left the bridge to do paperwork and a lack of an adequate lookout caused the grounding of 805 gwt tanker Maria Soltin early in the morning of 29 March this year according to a report released by the Danish Maritime Authority.

The ship grounded in the Norwegian Archipelago in position 62°00.295’ N – 005°09.719’ E while approaching Målöy. At the grounding the ship suffered leakage, lead-ing to a drastically list. The crew was evacuated to the rubber life raft and subsequently picked up by a rescue vessel from Målöy.

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Danish Seafarers Get Terror Compensation

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May 022009

Denmark’s Parliament has passed legislation providing cover for persons injured in connection with acts of terrorism. The Act covers seafarers on Danish-flagged vessels and ownesr of the vessels.

The cover will not only apply to persons employed by the company that was the target of the attack, but everyone affected by an act of terrorism while at work, such as persons employed by neighbouring companies who are also affected.

The insurance scheme is based on the principles of the Act on Industrial Injury Insurance. Consequently, the Danish National Board of Industrial Injuries will assess the cases and pay compensation on behalf of the State.

If persons are injured who have, due to the nature of their work, a special risk of being affected by a terror attack, the National Board of Industrial Injuries can, on behalf of the State, subsequently require the expenses to be paid by the employer’s insurance company.

This is the case if, for example, security guards, policemen, rescue workers, doctors and nurses are injured who are sent to locations where acts of terrorism have taken place in order to render assistance or restore peace and order.

In addition, the scheme applies to journalists, photographers and employees sent to countries where attacks of a terror-related nature pose a risk as well as to seafarers on board Danish ships engaged on voyages where there is a special risk of acts of terrorism.

The insurance scheme only covers persons who are injured while at work. Persons who are not at work, but who are nevertheless injured in acts of terrorism can receive compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Compensation for Victims.