CCNI Guayas Fatality – Ship/Bridge Design A Killer In A Typhoon

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Sep 082011

Bridge after the accident

Bigger containerships may mean more hazards for those on the bridge warns Germany’s Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation, BSU, in its newly-released report on the death of a third officer about the CCNI Guayas in June this year. It is the third similar incident to be investigated by the BSU since late 2009.

With the vessel rolling in typhoon Koppu at up to 35 degrees with periods of eight seconds, the officer lost his hold, slipped and was tossed back and forth across the bridge until being stopped by the master and placed on a chair. The officer later died of his injuries.

Initially, the third officer did not appear to be badly hurt and it was only after he had been placed in a chair by the master that he began to lose consciousness.

Most obvious of the lessons is to ensure that there are enough handrails on a bridge and to ensure that papers and other items are stowed appropriately. The photograph of the bridge after the incident shows a sea of objects that would have been swept across the floor of the bridge and may have led to the third officer falling.

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