Safety Alert – Crushed Unloading Hydrovac Truck

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Feb 052010

Rear door configuration of a typical hydrovac truck. Note crush point.

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and Enform have issued a safety alert regarding a fatal incident involving a hydrovac truck: While dumping the contents of a hydrovac unit, a swamper was killed when he was caught in the closing hydrovac tank door.

What Went Wrong?:

The truck operator and swamper were offloading the contents of the hydrovac truck at a designated area. The hydrovac truck tank had been elevated and the rear door was opened to allow the crew to clean out the tank.

The workers had cleaned the tank and had both stepped down from the rear tank access platforms, also known as beavertails.

The operator walked around to the driver’s side of the truck to access the hydraulic control levers located directly behind the cab of the truck.

Unknown to the truck operator, the swamper had climbed back up onto the right, rear beavertail and became caught in the swing radius of the rear tank door as it was closing.

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