Auk Arrow: Confined Space Explosions – Never Trust Third Parties

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Apr 122011

Never assume that third party contractors will behave safely aboard your ship. Keep an eye on them. That is one of the lessons from Brazil’s investigation into a confined space explosion aboard the Bahamas-flagged tanker Auk Arrow in Rio De Janeiro in August 2010 in which three workers died and six injured.

Cutting and welding was being carried out on scaffolding erected inside the vessel’s No 2 ballast tank in the ENAVI shipyard. Hoses carrying liquid petroleum gas, LPG and oxygen, were connected to a manifold on the main deck and passed through a vent in the ballast tank. On the day of the incident work was stopped from 1700 to 2100 for meals. The hoses were left dangling in the tank. Some 52 minutes after work resumed there was an explosion in the ballast tank. Two workers were killed, seven were hospitalised due to injuries of whom one later died. Continue reading »

Triple 5 Hook To Be Cleared In Ocean Ambassador Lifeboat Tragedy

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Jan 072011

SASI's Triple 5 hook has a good safety record

Maritime Accident Casebook understands that a forthcoming report on the Ocean Ambassador lifeboat tragedy will conclude that the Survival Systems International Triple 5 on-load release hook fitted to the lifeboat was not responsible.

Onload release hooks are regarded as a major contributor to lifeboat accidents. The Ocean Ambassador tragedy, in which two people were killed and two seriously injured when a lifeboat fell while being recovered aboard the semisubmersible, has attracted attention throughout the industry because of the long positive safety record of the Triple 5 hook.

The official report into the incident was finalised in December 2010 and is currently being reviewed and prepared for translation in order to be released to the maritime community.

Maritime Accident Casebook will provide details of the report once it has been formally released.

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Bermuda Shorts And Shirts Are Not PPE

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Jan 032011

Remains of Bermuda shorts found in engine room

Take a ship filled with explosive vapours, an unshielded portable electrical pump designed to run on 110 volts but plugged into a 220 volt supply, and crew wearing Bermuda shorts and shirts of synthetic materials and the result is fairly predictable. So it was that in the port of Recife a blast set off by an over-heated pump ripped through the 75 gross tonne Praia do Sancho, a fishing vessel converted to a bulk liquid and general cargo carrier,flinging part of the main deck over the roof of a nearby warehouse to land 30 metres away from the dock.

The chief engineer, whose flimsy clothes were blown off, and an electrician who were in the engine room survived the blast itself but suffered 95 per cent burns across their bodies which they could not survive. Two other were injured: the cook, who was in the galley above the engine room, and a worker on deck who was blasted into the water. Continue reading »

Fatal Fall Down Stairs Darkly?

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Dec 082010

Re-enactment - the hard hat did not save him

Brazil’s Maritime Authority has been unable to determine how a 68 year old quartermaster fell down stairs to his death aboard the MV Arlott in August this year but a number of potential causes, and potential hazards are highlighted. Among the issues are inadequately marked hazards, steeply inclined stairs and incomplete handrails.

To which might be added lack of safe practice when using stairs. Notably, the victim was wearing a hard hat.

MV Arlott had been preparing to moor at daybreak and the victim, who was waiting on the quarterdeck, was called to assist. His move required him to pass through an accessway and negotiate steep steps to the maindeck. It was dark enough for the seafarer who was follwoing the victim to use a torch. Although the victim had a torch it was not switched on at the time of the fall.The accident appears to have taken place at a time between darkness and light when it is most difficult to make accurate visual assessments.

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Benzene Bomber Back Online

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Oct 132010

We’re in the process of tidying up some of our older podcasts and transcripts and here’s the latest update. The podcast and transcript is available in the free library.

An explosion aboard a ship carrying flammable cargo is a master’s nightmare.
This nightmare will really make your hair stand on end.

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Shanghai Carrier Fatality – Brazil Wants IMO Procedures On Steam System

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Apr 192010

image Brazil’s Maritime Authority, Marinho Do Brazil, has recommended that the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, should standardise procedures for the “verification, tests and inspections of the artefacts of steam should be standardized by the IMO and not just defined by each classification society in conformity with their own criteria”. The recommendation is made in the authority’s report into the death of a seafarer aboard the bulker Shanghai Carrier on 9 November 2009.

It is believed that an engineering officer on watch opened a drain valve on a steam pipeline too quickly. A water hammer developed which led to the bursting of a drainage tank near the drain valve. The officer suffered burns, resulting from the
direct impact of live and condensed steam accumulated in the drainage tank and, despite being rescued, died later from injuries suffered.

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S/V Concordia and the Nautical Goat

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Mar 052010

Concordia - a poster child for BMSR still

It was not so much Transport Canada’s decision to investigate the capsize and sinking of the Barbados-flagged  sailing vessel Concordia that raised questioning eyebrows as the apparent implication that TSB did not trust the Barbadian maritime authority to do the job properly. The issues surrounding the investigation of what happened to the 58 metre tallship Concordia and the subsequent search and rescue operations, SAR, may go somewhat deeper.

Concordia, built in Poland and completed in 1992, apparently capsized swiftly and without warning on 17 February off the coast of Brazil. Its 64 passengers and crew were rescued 40 hours later by a merchant ship and subsequently transferred to Brazilian Navy rescue helicopters.

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Tug Mariner

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Feb 052010

image Tide, inadequate mooring, open scuttles in galley and toilet, a switched-off engine and a crew who were busy transferring bunkers from a barge to the tanker Atlantic Muse, resulted in the pusher tug Mariner 1 capsizing while still moored to the barge.

A report by Marinha Do Brazil, the Brazilian Maritime Authority, concludes that the mooring arrangements with “the tugboat berthed at the barge with hawsers of spring and bowlines, without a hawser athwart” meant that an ebbing tide of up to 4 knots opened the gap between the tug’s bow and the barge, forcing the tug to heel over, submerged the portholes of the gallery and toilet with subsequent flooding.

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Maritime Safety & Security News –28 August 2009

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Aug 272009

Man falls into cargo ship hold
Brazosport Facts
The fall appeared to have been an unfortunate accident, Houston said. Police do not believe foul play, drugs or alcohol played a role in the fall.

Ship hits Gwadar Port berth
The Nation, Pakistan
Sources were of the view that the mysterious ship collision had caused serious structural damage to the blocks supporting piles of the said jetty,

Boat is abandoned after collision
BBC News
The crew of a catamaran have abandoned their vessel after it was involved in a collision with a fishing boat off the coast of Cornwall.[/column] Continue reading »