Booking Seafarers

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Oct 262008

The Macbookcross

Booking For Seafarers

MAC’s ecletic reading occasionally includes The Publican, aimed at managers and owners of public houses, pubs, in the UK, Britain’s great contribution to culture and civilised society. A recent issue mentions The Steamboat in Mill Dam, South Shields and an intriguing project called Bookcrossing, which seems a great idea for seafarers, hence it deserves a plug from Maritime Accident Casebook.

It works thusly: Get a book, register on the free Book Crossing site and get a Book Crossing ID number. Write the number inside the cover of the book and leave the book for someone else to find. The finder goes to the Book Crossing site and reveals where they found the book, then leaves it somewhere else for someone to find.

So, you could pick up a book at The Steamboat, let Book crossing know where you found it then drop it off, say, at a seaman’s mission or where ever in Brazil. Another seafarer picks it up, let’s Book crossing know where he found it then drops it off at his or her next port.

You can track your book at the Book Crossing site as it travels the world.

It seems such a cool idea that MAC has made up some free bookplates in pdf format that you can download here, print out and stick inside your book. If you find a book with a MAC bookplate we’d love to hear where you find it.

Download the MAC bookplate, get a Bookcrossing ID number and stick it inside your book.