NI Book Ready for AIS,Radar Integration

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Jul 172008

From the 1st July 2008, all new radars required mandatory AIS integration to display the two completely separate systems on the same display. To coincide with the new rules the Nautical Institute had launched a new guide, “Radar and AIS”, as the first of its series on integrate bridge systems.

Written by Dr. Andy Norris, Radar and AIS builds on the basic radar theory and target tracking knowledge that seagoing officers already have while looking ahead to new technology radars with provide significantly enhanced performance. The guide argues that mariners will be better equipped with AIS integrated into radar displays, and that AIS has an ever expanding role to play in improving navigational integrity and accuracy. Increasing use of real and virtual aids to navigation will improve the information available to the mariner.

Says ther Nautical Instute: “It is important to stress, however, that in order to take best advantage of such new technology, we need to communicate the shift in culture these new integrated systems bring, and of the importance of managing the change onboard ships effectively. While much effort has gone into ensuring the AIS, radar and chart information is consistent, with uniform symbols and a standard resolution, operators still need guidance and instruction.

The book is to be formally launched on Thursday 24th July at the Inmarsat Building, it will then be sold for £20 from The Nautical Institute, Members of the NI and Royal Institute of Navigation offered a 30% discount, while bulk discounts are also available.