MV Orna pirated: Not Registered With Anti-Piracy

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Dec 202010
MV Orna

MV Orna

At midday on 20 December, the MV Orna was pirated in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 nautical miles North East of the Seychelles.

The attack was launched from 2 attack skiffs, with pirates firing small arms and rocket propelled grenades at the merchant vessel. The vessel was stopped and boarded by at least 4 pirates. The crew is co-operating and no damage is reported.

The MV Orna is a Panama flagged, UAE owned bulk cargo vessel with a dead weight of 27 915 tonnes. The number of crew onboard is unknown; MV Orna was not registered with MSCHOA or UKMTO.


BMP3 Puts Pirates In Your Pocket

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Jun 302010

image The 3rd Edition of the shipping industry’s Best Management Practice to deter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and Arabian Sea Area has been released

Updates to BMP3 include the expansion of on the High Risk Area beyond just the Gulf of Aden, to an area bounded by Suez to the North, 10o South and 78o East. This wider application of the BMP is essential to help counter the geographical spread of the threat from Somali-based piracy.

BMP3 contains further advice on Ship Protection Measures, a copy of the UKMTO Vessel Position Reporting Form, and Fishing Industry guidance.  BMP3 encourages post-incident reporting to MSCHOA and UKMTO and additionally to the relevant Flag State.

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