Delving Into Deepwater – Tolerable Risks?

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Jul 072010


US Refused The Lessons Of Piper Alpha

A full understanding of how the Deepwater Horizon explosion came about and the many failures of omission and commission must wait for the publication of the belatedly-launched Chemical Safety Board investigation. What is clear is that the US learned little from the Piper Alpha disaster, which had such an impact in Europe.

Had those lessons been learned, 11 workers may have been alive today, working on a rig which, on the day of its destruction, was celebrating a safety record.

That said, and with the necessary caveat regarding eyewitness testimony and the reliability of memory under and after traumatic incidents, MAC is providing the following analysis by Bill Campbell B.Sc. MIET C.Eng. retired Shell International Health and Safety Group auditor. It was original made available on the Step Change in Safety website.

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