Exploding Batteries – Watch That Charge

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Feb 162013
One charger too many?

One charger too many?

Check your battery charging setup if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises is the message in a safety alert issued by Marine Safety Forum. In this case two chargers were at work simultaneously, evaporating electrolyte and leading to an explosion.

As part of his weekly routine, the Engineer was carrying out planned maintenance of emergency generator. When the Engineer started the generator, he heard a loud bang from the battery container.

He stopped the process and investigated the noise which was when he discovered that one of the starter batteries had fragmented with the top of the battery detaching from body.

The battery was safely removed and switched over to hydraulic starting mode. Continue reading »

Beware Bum Batteries

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Dec 032009

imageBum batteries are not what you want in your EPIRB but it appears some dishonest servicing outfits don’t share that view.Here’s an alert from the US Coast Guard.

Fishing vessel safety staff in the US Coast Guard’s Seventh District has received at least three reports in the past few months regarding unapproved replacements of 406 EPIRB batteries by servicing companies having no association with the EPIRB manufacturer. These unauthorized battery installations would likely result in a failure of this critical item of lifesaving equipment, and as such are not in compliance with the operational readiness requirements of 46 CFR.

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