Oct 162014

cmvavenueMurphy’s Law is more consistent than the Law of Gravity: If something can go wrong it will, and at the most critical moment. An unresolved engine problem, a contined waterway and an overtaking maneouvre bought together the 12,878 dwt Antigua and Barbuda-flagged CMV Conmar Avenue with the 88,669 dwt Netherlands-flagged Maersk Kalmar on the Outer Weser between fairway buoys 29 and 31 in the Fedderwarder Fairway, Germany.

The joint accident report from Germany’s BSU and Antigua and Barbuda’s Inspection nd Investigation Division, emerges a few weeks after video of what appears to be a somewhat similar siuation in the Suez Canal circulated on the internet. That partiular incident remains under investigation. Continue reading »

Juno/Bolero Collision: Bad Parking And An Effect You Can Bank On

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Oct 122010

Bad parking led to bump

Bank effect caused the passenger vessel Juno the sailing boat Bolero, but Bolero was moored in the wrong place and difficult for the navigators to see until almost too late.

Says the Swedish Transport Agency report summary:

“On the 27th May 2010 at 09.00 am the passenger vessel Juno departed from Gothenburg with 27 passengers and 11 crew members on board. The destination was Stockholm via Göta kanal.

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