Masters of the Alien Invasion – And Another One Bites The Dust

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Aug 032009

He knew it was wrong, he knew it was illegal, he knew he was threatening the only home human beings have yet he wenton and did it. Georgios Stamou, the chief engineer of the M/V Theotokos, pleaded guilty in US District Court in New Orleans to one felony violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships and one felony violation for making a false statement . He is the third crewmember to plead guilty to crimes related to pollution from Theotokos while on the high seas. Continue reading »

Maritime Safety & Security News – 10 July 2009

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Jul 082009

Mystery mishap at sea
Cairns Post – Cairns,QLD,Australia
"The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is investigating the circumstances surrounding a vessel grounding incident that occurred at Inset Reef,

Two tugs capsize and sink within days of each other

In spite of decades of experience and improvements to conventional screw powered tugs, reports of vessels being capsized while towing still occur with depressing regularity. Two such incidents occurred within days of each other in June.

Three-person crew rescued after tuna boat sinks off Cape Lookout – Portland,OR,USA
by The Oregonian Three people abandoned ship this morning 60 miles off the Oregon Coast after radioing Coast Guard officers to say their fishing vessel was

Gasoline barge aground at mouth of OR’s Hood River – Portland,OR,USA
Coast Guard Lt. jg Ryan Harry says a new plan calls for an empty fuel barge to be brought alongside in order to transfer gasoline off the grounded vessel,

Hammond fishing boat sinks, crew saved by another Hammond vessel
The Daily Astorian – Astoria,OR,USA
The cause of the sinking is not yet known, but the Coast Guard will be investigating the incident, Dobney said.

Airlift off tanker for man with broken leg
Weekend Post – Port Elizabeth,Eastern Cape,South Africa
In 2002, the Norwegian- registered vessel sunk a fishing trawler off the coast of Brittany in a night-time collision. Four of the trawler crew died and the

Police continue search for missing Afghans
Jakarta Post – Jakarta,Indonesia
Viktor Jemadu said his office does not yet know the cause of the accident or the number of people involved. "We don’t even known the identity of the vessel.

HK ship fire put out at last

HONG KONG firefighters this morning finally put out the fire raging for more than a week aboard the box ship MOL Prosperity. Stevedores had been working to remove containers from the flooded Number 7 hold since the blaze erupted

HKSOA questions legality of Tosa crew detention 
Despite the evidence showing that the VLCC was at least one hour from the position of capsize, and despite no evidence of collision on the hull of the VLCC, the ship was taken from the high seas under Coast Guard escort into Taiwanese

Survival suit from Patriot recovered Found off Wellfleet, Coast
Gloucester Daily Times – MA, USA
While the cause of the Patriot’s sinking has yet to be determined, Coast Guard officials have said they believe the catastrophe that befell the boat shortly

Goan seafarer tests positive for A(H1N1) flu
Hindu – Chennai,India
Mr. Tamba said that the patient, who is a Goan, is a seafarer and was staying in America for the last five months. He left on July 3 from Seattle to Mumbai

Final farewells and swan songs
The National – Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates
Investigations have begun into the cause of the accident. Salvagers had found the vessel’s hull undamaged,

Palmyra: Stuck barge raised – Rochester,NY,USA
Yesterday, a Florida-based salvage company pumped much of the fuel and water from the 100-foot vessel and patched a large hole in the front of the boat

Cargo spill ship given new name
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
The Pacific Adventurer’s captain at the time of the accident, Bernardino Santos, is due to reappear in a Brisbane court later this month

Media Advisory: CF Prepares for Canada’s Premier Annual Arctic
Market Wire (press release) – USA
This opportunity will include first-hand access to a mass casualty exercise, to maritime security operations, a diving operation, and an inside look at how

Sea Change Ballast Water, Vessel General Permits
Linex Legal – London,UK
The maritime industry has relied on a paradigm in which the member states of training and casualty reporting for tank ships operating in state waters.


Boat and vehicle accident ties up traffic on Gordon Road
WECT-TV6 – Wilmington,NC,USA
The owner of a sailboat said his mother was towing the boat in her Chevy Avalanche when the hitch broke. An SUV slammed into the boat causing the vessel to

Seafarers And A Bad Case Of Crabs

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Oct 172008

Britain has a bad case of crabs, Chinese mitten crabs to be precise. Since appearing in the 1980s they’ve burrowed their way into riverbanks and waterways across the country gulping up just about everything their furry claws can get hold of.

That, of course is severely bad news for local wild life and ecology, already threatened by another invader, North American crawfish which were imported in to the UK in 1970s for aquacultre and entered the wild, beating up a host of native species and making them extinct in several areas.

Mitten crabs are an alien species first recorded in th UK i1935 but had little impact until they staring proliferating in the 1980s in areas that appear to suggest that they arrived in the ballast tanks of ships. with a range of around 930 kilometres they pose a serious threat.

You can read more about them on the BBC site here.

This is not, of course, the only example of invading species carried in ships’ ballast tanks causing havoc. That’s why most jurisdictions now imposed policies on the exchange of ballast tank water.

There have been various proposed solutions, including zapping the beasties with a microwave, but most have some degree of difficulty in implemetation so, for the meantime it down to you to avoid giving some inspecting wildlife a bad dose of crabs, or anything else unwanted.

In restaurants you’ll sometimes see a sign readig CAYGO – Clean As You Go. For ships its a case of CBYA – clean before you arrive.