AP Moeller Incident: Plan for Safety, Not Funerals

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Jun 202010

image A second officer and the ABs under his command during unmooring operations either did not realize the risk associated with the job they were doing or tolerated the risk, given their previous experience in similar situations says a report from the Danish Maritime Authority on an incident aboard the AP Moeller  in Singapore which an AB was injured when a rope guide broke and a spring line hit an AB on his right hip, throwing him against a windlass resulting in injuries to his hip, head and arm requiring hospitalisation.

Mooring operations are inherently hazardous, involving complex factors and enormous stresses. Injuries are unfortunately common and often horrendous, if not fatal. The routine nature of mooring operations, however, and the speed of container operations, too often lead to lack of planning,  ‘safety blindness’ and complacency.

If you don’t plan for safety, plan for a funeral.

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