Safety Alert – Come Together, Right Now… Simultaneous Working

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Aug 122009

imageTake special care when several different tasks are being carried out on deck by contractors, ensure risk assessments and toolbox talks are carried out and ABs should be proactive, are the lessons from the latest Safety Flash issued by Marine Safety Forum following a near miss event that could have resulted in serious injuries.

Says the MSF: “On arrival in port a number of different contractors boarded a vessel to off load a piggy back anchor, disconnect a connecting link from a 77m chain and change out of a gypsy winch. When the crane driver started to lift the anchor from the deck the crane jib was not positioned right above the anchor which resulted in the anchor swivelling and sliding across the deck. The pennant tail swung past the men disconnecting the chain link narrowly missing them.

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In The Wake of the Dolphin

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Jul 172008

After the loss of the ATHS Bourbon Dolphin and eight of its crew in 2007 while moving anchor during a rig moves, the Marine Safety Forum set up a workgroup to develop generic guidelines coverting rigmove operations. The guidlines are now available and be downloaded here.

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