Swanland Foundering, ACX Hibiscus/Hyundai Discovery In Interims

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Dec 262012

hibiscusTwo interim reports have been issued by the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch giving factual data on the foundering of the MV Swanland in the Irish Sea in November 2011 and the collision between the ACX Hibiscus and Hyundai Discovery in the eastern approaches to te Singapore Strait the following month.

Six lives were lost when the Swanland suffered structural failure an sank in rough seas.

The interim report descries the event: “Swanland was in the Irish Sea making good a course of 206° at a speed of around 5 knots over the ground (Figure 4). The vessel was heading into a south-westerly gale force wind with gusts of about 50 knots. The predicted tidal stream was south-south-west at a rate of 2.2 knots, and the sea was rough or very rough, with a significant wave height of approximately 4m. Swanland was pitching into the oncoming seas, but she was not slamming. She was also occasionally rolling up to an angle of approximately 6° and yawing between 10° and 15° of her intended heading. Continue reading »