MSF Safety Allert – Inspection of Cargo Transfer Hose Connections

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Jan 132008

Inspection of Cargo Transfer Hose Connections
A Lost Time Incident has occurred on a vessel where a hose reducer became detached from the ship’s manifold, striking a crew member and causing serious personal injury. The Weco fitting on the reducer was hit with a hammer to ‘cinch it up’ following a slight leakage, and the whole assembly fell off the manifold striking the seaman on his foot.
As a matter of urgency, all vessels are recommended to thoroughly inspect the general condition of all WECO and similar type hose adapters/reducers and manifold ends with particular attention to the condition of the threads on these fittings. Any equipment with badly worn threads or other damage which gives cause for concern should be withdrawn from service and replaced with new as soon as possible. Faulty equipment which has been condemned should be scrapped and off the vessel. If any leakage from such coupling types is observed whilst pumping product, the pumping process must be stopped and hose pressure completely released before re-tightening fittings.

A review of risk assessments for this type of task must be held and safety measures reiterated at toolbox talks.

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Dec 312007

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