Whatever Happened To MAC Pinoy?

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Dec 172007

Ok, most people reading this will know that Filipinos represent the largest single nationality in the global maritime workforce, around 25 per cent, and that will probably increase over the coming years. Most Filipinos speak English, the Philippines is the world’s third largest group of English speakers so most don’t have a problem with the MAC podcasts or the transcripts (The majority of Filipinos are actually tri-lingual, fluent in their own regional language as well as Tagalog, the national language, and English).

BUT, it’s MAC’s policy to reach out to seafarers in the most effective way and in the most effective language so we decided to launch MAC episode editions in Tagalog.

The first four episodes have been translated by Ami Jacinto, a translator and well-know voice talent in the Philippines who will be presenting the audio podcasts. We announced the coming service earlier this year.

SO what happened? As we were preparing to record the Tagalog episode, IDESS Interactive Technologies revealed that it was about to construct a purpose-built sound facility and offered to let MAC use the facility to record its podcasts. Needless to say we were delighted and wanted to launch the Tagalog service using those facilities.

Construction should be complete in January so we decided to put the Tagalog service on hold so we could launch it using the new facility.

So, yes, the Tagalog service is coming we hope to broadcast the first episodes in late January/early February.

The Tagalog service will be on trial. If there is demand from Filipino seafarers and we can secure sponsorship we’ll keep it going.