Dec 172007

The Swedish Club has sent out a member alert after a seafarer was found with porn on his flash drive. Gives a whole new meaning to deep blue sea.

The alert goes thusly:

Del Rosario & Del Rosario has provided us with the following information courtesy of Barko International Inc.We would like to inform you about an unfortunate incident that happened with one of our manned vessels calling Canadian port.

Said vessel was detained at Prince Rupert, Canada because of pornographic material found in one of the crew’s USB flash drive during Custom Officers’ inspection. As a result, concerned crew’s seaman book and passport were taken and he was brought ashore for investigation. Everything from inspection to apprehension happened in the span of about three hours. Concerned crew is set for trial a day after arrest. If found guilty, he faces minimum penalty of CD$25,000 with deportation and blacklisting with Canadian immigration.