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Nov 122007

Lastest Safety Flash from the Marine Safety Forum:

Marine Safety Forum – Safety Flash 07-28
Issued: 11th November 2007
Subject: Vessel Makes Contact with Platform


A North Sea supply vessel was working cargo on the west side of a platform. This was also the windward side and conditions were marginal but just within weather limits for weather-side working.

The vessel was sitting comfortably for 2.5 hours and was preparing to discharge the last lift which was located half-way up the deck when the vessel was caught by a large wave and moved towards the platform. The vessel master immediately disengaged DP, took manual control and moved the vessel away from the platform. No contact was felt on the vessel or the platform; however, impact damage was subsequently noticed in the steering compartment as a result of contact with redundant mooring equipment on the leg of the platform.
Root Causes
• Weather conditions were deteriorating during the operation but this was not adequately
noted by bridge team
• Vessel was not informed of the non-availability of the crane whip line until the cargo
operation commenced
• Non-availability of platform crane whip line required the vessel to operate unduly close to the platform for the prevailing weather conditions
• Vessel was operating in DP unduly close to the platform for the prevailing conditions
Lessons Learned/Recommended Actions
• It is essential that the platform completes a 500m entry checklist in addition to the checklist completed by the vessel; these checklists ensure that both the platform and the vessel are fully prepared to commence work and understand any operational constraints.