Maritime Safety News Today – 21st February 2008

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Feb 212008

Video shows man’s plunge from cruise ship

After calling off its search for a missing cruise ship crew member Tuesday night, the U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday has begun looking again.

The reason: A video has surfaced of the 28-year-old Chinese national falling overboard from the Celebrity Constellation.

Coast Guard officials said the staff of the cruise ship informed them of the video early Wednesday. Its time stamp shows the man going overboard at 3:25 a.m. Monday, the Coast Guard said.

JCG divers examine bow of Atago / Destroyer checked below
The Daily Yomiuri – Osaka,Japan
the submerged parts of the Maritime Self-Defense Force Aegis destroyer that collided with a fishing boat, looking for abrasions caused by the accident.
Posted 02/20/08 at 10:24 AM

The Greek navy and coast guard were last night trying to tow to safety a Russian navy ship that sent out a distress signal in choppy seas off the eastern Aegean island of Icaria. Tugboats, helicopters and a navy frigate were dispatched to the area at 11

Remembering those lost on the Lady Luck
Gloucester Daily Times – MA, USA
Last week, the Coast Guard said it would change its report about the vessel’s sinking after the Cone family disputed several aspects, including the accuracy 

Satellite debris warning to ships
The Press Association –
New Zealand’s maritime safety authority has warned ships in the South Pacific to be on the lookout for falling satellite debris as the US attempts to shoot 

Stranded ship strayed too close
Safety at Sea – London,England,UK
insufficient engine power (main engine 12357 kW) and heavy winds – 7 to 8 Beaufort – may have combined to cause the grounding