Sponsorship FAQ


We want you to help us improve safety at sea and save lives, save ships, save the environment.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We currently have a range of sponsorship opportunities, from a modest $500 in the website sidebar to the $5000 dollars we are seeking to raise for a lifeboat accident casebook video.

Lifeboat Video

In the case of the video we are able to keep costs down while maintaining the professional qualities of a commercially produced because we are in the unusual position of being able to do much of the production inhouse. It is a one-off sponsorship which will stay in place without renewal for the many years lifetime of the video. Named Sponsorship begins at $100 through our Indiegogo campaign website at http://igg.me/at/lifeboat.

Audio Podcasts

Sponsorship of an individual audio podcast is $500 for each podcast with acknowledgement in the form of “Brought to you by” in the opening titles and a 468 x 60 banner with link on the transcripts page. As with the video, this is one-off sponsorship, lasting for the many years lifetime of the podcast.



Sponsors may choose to sponsor categories of MAC post for instance, ‘Accident Reports’ or ‘Mooring’ for $1000 a year. This will be a 234 x 60 Half Banner at the head of each post in that category

Landing page

Your sponsorship below the MAC header, 728 x 90 Leaderboard — $4,000 per year. Sole position.

234 x 60 Half Banner sidebar message — $2,000 per year

Sponsor acknowledgement boxes in sidebar

120 x 90 Button————  $1,000

88 x 31 microbutton——-  $  500, non-exclusive