Take Five – The Marpol Reports


As an almost con­tin­u­ous stream of new reports about com­pa­nies being fined and sea­far­ers and com­pany exec­u­tives fac­ing jail for illicit oil dis­charges show, the mes­sage is tak­ing a long time to sink in. The chances of get­ting caught and seri­ously whacked for illicit oil dis­charges are increas­ing around the world from the US to China to Europe.

Start­ing 10 May, 2010, MAC is releas­ing a series of five videos related to Mar­pol Annex 1. Each video is in a ‘TV News’ for­mat which pro­vides an imme­di­acy often miss­ing from more tra­di­tional approaches and cre­ates an effec­tive learn­ing environment.

The objec­tive of the videos is to bring home the ben­e­fits of doing things right, and the seri­ous haz­ards of doing them wrong, the Mar­pol reg­u­la­tions, the dan­gers of magic pipes, the need for OWS main­te­nance, SOPEP and, of course, the crit­i­cal need for oil record books to be accu­rate, truth­ful and up-to-date.

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Take 5 News 1 – The punitive costs   of illicit oil discharge to seafarers, company executives and shipping companies will keep on growing until the message gets through. The Take 5 team Reports.

Take 5 News 2 – Does it matter if the illicit discharge is outside territorial waters? Not if your Oil Record Book tells the tale. Sometimes the pen is mightier than the oil slick. The Take 5 Team Reports.

Take 5 News 3 – Pottering around with magic pipes might not be such a wizard wheeze. The Take 5 team Reports.

Take 5 News 4. Can keeping your oily water separator in top nick
keep you out of nick? The Take 5 team Reports.

Take 5 News 5: When accidents happen, SOPEP can be your friend.
The Take 5 Team Investigates.

  One Response to “Take Five – The Marpol Reports”

  1. Once again MAC provides insight into the art of prevention in it’s simplist form & most effective medium.
    Learning from others misfortune, world events prove this triat is not as contagious as we all would like.
    Ray, Oil & Gas Offshore safety campaigner