This Week’s Podcast: The Case of the Errant Hookers

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Jan 192015

She’s powerful, unpredictable and pushy. If you don’t keep a firm hold it could mean a rocky relationship gets very deadly.

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The Master

Let’s talk about Chandra. That’s not his real name but he was a real master, 44 years old with 27 years seafaring experience and seven years as a master.

The Ship

Coop Venture The Coop Venture His vessel was the Coop Venture, a Panamanian registered Panamax bulk carrier of 36,080 gross tones witha crew of four Indians and 15 Filipinos. She carried a cargo of

40,280 metric tones of corn from New Orleans, United States, to Shibushi Bay in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

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Feb 272013
Forward Davit Arm Showing Parted Wire

Forward Davit Arm Showing Parted Wire. Photo: Maritime Safety Investigation Unit

Malta’s Maritime Safety Investigation Unit has issued a safety alert following the discovery of significant corrosion on inner strands of a fall wire involved in the falling of of a lifeboat on 10 February 2013. Five seafarers died in the incident which occurred aboard Thomson Majesty while berthed alongside in Santa Crux de La Palma.

Says the safety alert: ” The wire rope had parted approximately where it rested over the topmost sheave, when the davit was in a stowed position.

“The fore and aft davit’s falls were replaced on 22 August 2010 and the next scheduled replacement was August 2014.
 “The launching appliance had been dynamically tested in May 2012.
“Initial results of the tests carried out on the parted ends of the wire indicate significant corrosion damage to the inner strands of the wire”. Continue reading »

Pirate Queen Grounding – Defective Nav Light, Defective Procedures

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Feb 232013
Roonagh Pier.

Roonagh Pier.

Eire’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board says that failure of the leading lights at Roonagh Pier were the main cause of the grounding of the passenger ferry Pirate Queen but further investigations revealed serious weaknesses in the navigational procedures and practices on the company vessels. There appeared to be an over reliance on visual aids to
navigation and a neglect to practice and use the electronic aids on board.

On the evening of 20th December 2011 the inter island passenger ferry Pirate Queen grounded on rocks at the entrance to Roonagh Pier, Co. Mayo. The vessel was refloated shortly afterwards and although not holed, it had sustained severe structural damage. Two of the passengers were taken off the ferry whilst she was on the rocks and transferred to the pier by a rigid inflatable boat. One passenger sustained injuries during the incident. Continue reading »

ERIKA MOB: A Case For Manual Lifejackets

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Nov 242011

Permanent searail installed after the incident

Auto-inflating lifejackets had been abandoned on the seiner Erika because water ondeck repeatedly caused them to inflate. As a result, when a seafarer was swept overboard between a sea rail and a gunwhale  by a sliding seine net at night in cold seas, he stood little chance of survival.

A manually-operated lifejacket might have given him the edge.

Equally important, the incident highlights the need to properly assess the safety impact of changes made to vessels.

The Danish Marine Accident Investigation Board, which had recently released its investigation into the incidents says: “On 27 February 2011, the seiner Erika was fishing for capelin on the fishing grounds west of Iceland. At 21.00 LT, while securing the third throw of the seine for the day, one fisherman fell overboard. The remaining crew were able to recover the fisherman, but he was uconscious, and it was not possible to resuscitate him. A doctor was hoisted on board Erika from a rescue helicopter, and the doctor declared the fisherman dead”.

The report concludes: Continue reading »

Philipp/Lynn-Marie: Curve of Pursuit And Lack Of Assistance

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Nov 112011

Damage to FV Lynn-Marie

Alterations to autopilot settings by the chief officer of the Gibraltar-registered containership Philipp resulted in a ‘curve of pursuit’ that ended with a collision with the fishing vessel Lynn-Marie. Despite being aware of the collision neither the Philipp chief officer nor the master determined whether the struck vessel required assistance.

The incident is reported by Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, which concludes that the chief officer of Philipp did not use all information available to determine the possibility of collision.

In its summary, MAIB says: “At 0453 UTC on 9 April 2011, the Gibraltar registered, container feeder vessel Philipp collided with the United Kingdom registered scallop dredger FV Lynn Marie 6nm south of the Isle of Man. There were no injuries or pollution, but Lynn Marie was badly damaged and was towed to Port St Mary, Isle of Man.

“After the collision, Philipp did not stop and neither her officer of the
watch (OOW) nor her master tried to communicate with Lynn Marie to see if the fishing vessel required assistance.

Philipp was about 20nm away from the location of the collision when her master eventually informed the coastguard of
his vessel’s involvement”.

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Silver Chord/Sapphire II – Danger: Empty Wheelhouse

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Nov 112011

Silver Chord - view ahead from the steering position

Economic and social factors continue to take preference over safety considerations in fishing vessels, says Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch in it’s report into the collision between two trawlers. It it latest of a series of accident in which wheelhouses have been left unattended.

At 1840 on 12 January 2011, the 16.84m prawn trawler Silver Chord  collided with the 14.99m prawn trawler Sapphire II ). At the time of the collision, Sapphire II was stopped in the water while her skipper, who was operating single-handed, recovered the vessel’s fishing gear. Silver Chord was making 5.5 knots as she proceeded towards Stornoway after a day’s fishing.

Sapphire II’s hull was penetrated and the fish hold quickly started to flood. Her skipper reported the accident to the coastguard, and transferred to Silver Chord before Sapphire II sank at about 1850.

Silver Chord was also damaged, but was able to return to Stornoway under her own power. There were no injuries.

The investigation identified a number of factors which contributed to the collision. These included: Continue reading »

Luminous Grounds After Lights Go Out

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Sep 232011

Luminous Ace grounderd after losing power. Photo: USCG

Coast Guard Sector Columbia River, based in Astoria, Ore., is monitoring a 584-foot cargo vessel that ran aground on the Columbia River, Thursday, at approximately 6:10 p.m.

No injuries were reported and an aerial inspection by an MH-60 Jayhawk helciopter crew, from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria, found no visibile signs of pollution.

The cargo vessel Luminous Ace grounded at mile marker 40 after an electrical outage caused the vessel to lose all steering capabilities. The vessel, which is not obstructing the navigable waterway, has dropped a shore side anchor to prevent any further movement while tugs transit to location.

While anchored, Luminous Ace regained power and propulsion. The tugs are planning to transit the vessel, at high tide, to an anchoring location near Astoria. Next high tide occurs on Friday at 1 a.m.

Jul 212011

SafeSpace member Javier Saavedra from Galicia, Spain, has alerted us to a news report of the death of a worker in the ballast of a harbor dredger in a neighboring province.

One crewmember went inside the ballast tank without having previously made a gas check. On entering he lost consciousness and fell down and another crewman attempted to resce him, also losing consciousness.
Eventually a third crewmember went inside wearing a SCBA set and managed to take his two crewmates out. Rescucitation treatment was immediately commenced by the crew and as soon as emergency services showed up they immediately evacuated one of the casualties to hospital suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest. Continue reading »

Ortegal Uno Capsize: insufficient culture of safety

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Nov 152010

ortegal Germany’s Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation says that the capsize and sinking of the fishing vessel Ortegal Uno was caused by a ‘sequence of factors which… reveal an
insufficient culture of safety in terms of the modification, monitoring and operation of
the vessel.

Ortegal Uno capsized and sank in heavy weather after several large waves flooded the fish processing area, which was not fitted with appropriate drainage. There inadequate watertight integrity, which led to flooding of other areas of the vessel and a list that went from 40 degrees to 60 degrees.

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