Gooey Ducks, Death and a BJ

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Dec 122010

Bivalves with additude - Gooey Ducks

It took MAC a moment to remember what a Gooeyduck was: a mollusc with a big thingy that explains why the Chinese think something so unpalatable is an aphrodisiac. But it wasn’t just that which caught MAC’s eye in this press release from the US Coast Guard but the way all sort of hung together.

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Coast Guard Sector Juneau and a good Samaritan crew coordinated a rescue of two geoduck divers after their commercial fishing vessel caught fire 17 miles southwest of Craig in Port Santa Cruz Bay at 2:18 p.m. Wednesday.

The good Samaritan vessel Death Barge was navigating through the waterway when they noticed the 34-foot commercial fishing vessel Izzy B was on fire and notified the Coast Guard.

The crew of two were reported to be in the water fishing for gooey duck when their vessel caught fire. The good Samaritan vessel BJ was nearby and rescued the two crewmembers from the water.

“The Coast Guard doesn’t have the resources to patrol everywhere at once so we count on our partners including, good Samaritans, to be there when we can’t,” said Melissa Bert, Coast Guard Sector Juneau commander. “In this case the good Samaritan made the difference between life or death.”

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Beware Distraction USCG Warns SIM Sinners

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Oct 302010

Beware the sins of the SIM

Although allegations that a member of the US Coastguard was distracted by texting on a cellphone immediately before a fatal accident appear to be unfounded cellphone on bridges remain problematic. Currently there is a move in the US to discourage what it like to call ‘Distraction Operations’, mainly aimed at car and truck driver but the USCG is also running an initiative aimed at seafarers.

Of course, it is unlikely to have much effect on all those shorebased offices who think that the bridge team is just sitting there twiddling its thumbs as the ship negotiates its way into port and have nothing else to do but risk the ship and its cargo by rabbiting on a cellphone.

Be that as it may, the USCG has annunced: “Throughout the United States, and across all transportation modes, safety initiatives are being established to address issues related to Distracted Operations. The Coast Guard recognizes the importance of this issue, understands the potential consequences caused by increased operational risk in marine operations, and is supportive of the goals and objectives of the US Department of Transportation and other distracted driving safety initiatives.

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USCG Don’t Phone Home

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Aug 112010

imageMobile phone or cellphones are not a good idea on the bridge as MAC, and others has observed before. Now following two accidents involving US Coast Guard personnel using cellular telephones while underway to engage in text-messaging activities or conversations that were unrelated to vessel operations or the mission at hand the US National Transportation Safety Board has issued two recommendations

The US Coast Guard recently issued its preliminary national policy concerning cell phone usage on their vessels while underway.  Therefore, the Safety Board made the following recommendation to the Coast Guard:

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USCG searches for MOB 775 miles southwest of Kodiak

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Jun 102010


KODIAK, Alaska – The US Coast Guard is searching the North Pacific for a crewmember from a 751-foot bulk carrier, Yasa Fortune, reported to have fallen overboard approximately 775 miles southwest of Kodiak on Tuesday.

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USCG Gets Line On Maine Ferry

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Jun 042010

image US Coast Guard investigators are working with the Maine State Ferry Service to determine why the ferry Everett Liberty ran aground with 30 people on board shortly after leaving the terminal in Vinalhaven, Maine, US, on the way to Rockland, Maine, Thursday, 3 June, 2010.

None of the 26 passengers or four crew members were injured during the accident and there are no reports of pollution.

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Apr 152010


Vacancy No. 10-1566-HQ-DC-M
Department US Coast Guard

Locations: WASHINGTON, DCJob


Department: Department Of Homeland Security

Agency: United States Coast Guard

Salary Range: 105,211.00 – 136,771.00 USD /year

Job Announcement Number: 10-1566-HQ-DC-M

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USCG On Barge Bang

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Mar 272010

image US Coast Guard crews are responding to a barge explosion that occurred at Superior Docks in Ingleside, Thursday.

Two men were treated for minor injuries and released.  Bystanders rescued one man, who was thrown into the water when the barge exploded.

A watchstander at Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi received a call at 3:12 p.m. from the captain of a tugboat, who reported he had just witnessed a major explosion at Superior Docks.  The witness stated that the blast was so strong, it blew his boat’s windows out.

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Feb 232010

Tug Valour: Crew didn't follow stability letter

Tug Valour, a 1975-built ocean-going tug, sank on 18 January, 2006,  while towing a barge loaded with 175,000 barrels of oil. Three lives were lost because the crew did not adhere to the vessel’s stability letter  and cross-connect valves between port and starboard tanks pairs were left open in seas of up to 6 metres and winds reaching as much as 50 knots.

The US Coast Guard has issued a ‘lessons learned’ regarding the incident.

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