Maritime Safety And Security News – 1st April 2012

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Mar 302012

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News Headlines

Five hurt in cruise ship fire
At least five people were reported injured, with one of them in unstable condition, following a fire that hit a cruise ship off Tubbataha Reef in Palawan Saturday. “Five crew members were injured, one is unstable due to prolonged heat and smoke

Tugboat fire victim dies Wednesday morning
The victim, the tugboat’s chief engineer, was flown Tuesday morning to Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, after suffering burns from a fire that started in the boat’s engine room. The Coast Guard is not releasing his name, nor the names of the

Forklift Accident at Georgia Ports’ Ocean Terminal Kills ILA Worker
The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are investigating the fatal workplace accident. All work has since been halted at the ship where the accident occurred while investigations are ongoing.

North Sea Elgin platform gas leak: ‘No evidence of human error’
Human error does not appear to be the cause of the North Sea gas leak, according to oil company Total. The leak at the Elgin platform, 150 miles off Aberdeen, has been ongoing since Sunday, when workers were evacuated. The oil firm said problems with the well were first noticed a month earlier, on 25 February.

Collision in Dover Strait
The Gas Arctic, LPG tanker currently in ballast, registered in Malta was on passage from Tees to Portland, with 14 crew aboard. The Spring Bok, cargo ship, registered in the Netherlands was on passage from Amsterdam to Oranjestad, Aruba, with 22 crew aboard. The vessels collided this morning when visibility was less than half a mile.

Vessel goes down in Brimley Bay Sault Ste Marie MI Sault Ste Marie
Cleanup efforts are underway on Brimley Bay just off of Bay Mills Point after a fishing vessel sank Wednesday evening spilling a yettobe determined quantity

Deputy director fired over Russian oil rig sinking
Fifty-three people died in the accident, reportedly the largest such tragedy ever in the Russian oil and gas sector. There were 67 aboard the rig when it toppled in rough seas and stormy weather. Vasetsky’s firing comes after prosecutors found that

Services cease on northern Jutland railway after bridge accident
SERVICES have ceased on the line to northern Jutland in Denmark after a 75m-long Finnish freight ship collided with a bridge in Aalborg on Wednesday night just minutes before an inter-city train was due to cross it. Banedanmark estimates that it will

Nato ‘failed to aid’ Libyan migrant boat – Council of Europe report
A report into the deaths of 63 Libyan refugees on a small boat last May said a “catalogue of errors” by coastguards and Nato meant they were never rescued. The Council of Europe inquiry says two Nato ships close by failed to respond to distress calls, and no country launched a search and rescue mission. Only nine people survived the 15-day Mediterranean voyage after the boat ran out of fuel and drifted back to Libya.

Russian Master Prosecuted For Grounding
The master had grounded his vessel on Flodday Mor on the 19 March 2012 and failed a routine breath test two days later. The Flinterspirit was on a voyage from Pori, Finland to Belfast when the vessel grounded on Flodday Mor, North Uist at 10:50pm GMT

3 crew members of sunk ship move HC seeking quashing of FIR
The petition further said the accident investigation report conducted by Directorate General of Shipping clearly showed that the vessel had structural weaknesses either inherent or developing with age. The jurisdiction of Yellowgate police station

Madras high court orders ship’s arrest after accident
CHENNAI: The Madras high court on Friday ordered the arrest of MV Gati Pride, a Panama flag ship, on a petition from the wife of the vessel’s third officer who fell to his death aboard the vessel on March 24. Justice KBK Vasuki granted the interim


Would Be Pirates Captured By European Naval Forces
EU Counter Piracy Naval Forces (EUNAVFOR) have tracked down and stopped a group of suspected pirates who were believed to have tried to attack a Hong-Kong flagged tanker approximately 400 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia. EU Naval Force warship FS Aconit was called to investigate after the tanker came under..
‘Italian vessel can’t sail till Monday’
Kochi, March 30 (IANS) A division bench of the Kerala High Court Friday stayed an order by a single bench permitting the Italian cargo ship Enrica Lexie, from which two marines had opened fire killing two Indian fishermen, to sail after its owners

Ship Casualty Management Guidelines Book Published
The Chapters have been authored by experts in these fields, who have casualty experience to share. In a Foreword to the book, Koji Sekimizu, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization, said Casualty Management Guidelines “should

PACE committee finds a ‘catalogue of failures’ that led to deaths of 63 people fleeing Libyan conflict by sea
A failure to react to distress calls and a “vacuum of responsibility” for search and rescue are among a “catalogue of failures” which led to the deaths of 63 people fleeing the conflict in Libya by sea during a tragic 15-day voyage in March 2011, according to a PACE committee. A report by Tineke Strik (Netherlands, SOC), adopted this morning in Brussels by PACE’s Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, says Italian search and rescue authorities, NATO, the flag states of naval vessels in the area, the Libyan authorities and reckless smugglers are among those who share responsibility.

Bahamas Joins in Signing Declaration Condemning Acts of Violence Against Seafarers
The event took place during the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) at the Connecticut Maritime Association on March 19. Officiated by Oceans Beyond Piracy and Marshall Islands representative, William H. Watson, the signing

West Africa Waters Receive “High Piracy Risk” Designation
In response to the escalating number of pirate attacks off the coast of West Africa, the International Bargaining Forum (IBF) – the body involving the International Transport Workers’ Federation and maritime employers – has formally designated

NIMASA: $3bn Lost to Piracy Annually
By John Iwori Not less than $3 billion is being lost to piracy and sea robbery every year globally, from which robbers’ activities on Nigerian waters were major contributors. This disclosure was made by the Director General, Nigerian Maritime

Off The Radar

Titanic’s unsinkable stoker
Titanic was celebrated as the biggest, safest, most advanced ship of its age, but it was a lowly stoker in its boiler room who truly deserved the name ‘unsinkable’. The grounding of the cruise liner Costa Concordia in January 2012, in which 32 people

9 fishermen who died helping Cheonan crew rescue honored
Nine crewmen of the fishing boat Geumyang who died in a collision after finishing a search for missing seamen of the South Korean naval corvette Cheonan two years ago have been designated national heroes who died for just cause.

GPS Hackers Put Shipping In A Jam

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Feb 232012

After the Tricolor sank following a collision two other vessels rammed the wreck. A foretaste of what GPS jamming might cause?

When, rather than if, the English Channel sees a major maritime catastrophe due to jamming of GPS signals it will not be for lack of warnings (See more below). The latest came during a conference at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory on 22 February.

MAC has previously reported on the threat to ships created by GPS jamming equipment now easily available on the internet. That threat is now a clear and present danger according to Bob Cockshott, Director of Position, Navigation and Timing at the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network, and organiser of the conference.

Warns Cockshott: “With the reliance on GPS systems in the maritime environment, highlighted by the General Lighthouse Authority, our vulnerability on land and at sea should not be underestimated. As well as immediate concerns, this conference has laid out the next generation of threats, in the form of spoofing and time sabotage – deliberately misleading users for criminal purposes rather than simply denying service. We must ensure that alongside dealing with the threat posed by jamming, we also stay ahead of advances in the criminal world.”

Global position satellites generate very weak signals which are easily swamped by cheap jamming equipment. The equipment is legal to own but illegal to use. Research by the Sentinel project showed a disturbingly wide use of such jamming equipment, including exploitation by criminals. Continue reading »

Shipping and piracy: A view from the top (Video)

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Apr 262010

NATO’s latest Review asks how are the seas kept safe? How much does piracy cost ships and insurers? And are anti-terrorist operations at sea set to spread? In this edition, NATO Review sets out to see how what happens at sea affects lives on land. It asks military and business leaders about how important piracy really is and go on a live NATO operation to see up close what it does at sea.

Here Lord Levene, Chairman of Lloyd’s of London, outlines how he sees the major threats to shipping and the impact of piracy on the ships carrying the world’s trade.

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Moving MAC

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Oct 012009

Maritime Accident Casebook is being moved to a new server,please bear with us

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MAC Prints Green

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Jul 142009


Sometime you need to print out something from Maritime Accident Casebook but because it’s a web page it uses too many sheets of paper, which wastes trees, and is difficult to read. Our answer? The ECO Safe link you’ll see in the side bar. It will give you a nice PDF of the page you’re looking at that you can keep on your files, email to someone else or print out – with fewer bits of paper.

It’s great for the MAC podcast transcripts!

Maritime Safety & Security News – 19 June 2009

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Jun 192009

French cargo ship that sank off NL was overloaded: safety report
The Canadian Press – HALIFAX, N.S.
HALIFAX, NS — An investigation into the sinking of a French cargo ship off of Newfoundland, with the loss of four crew, has concluded the vessel was

443 bodies of missing ‘Princess’ passengers found
Sun.Star – Philippines
to claim the bodies, the nine bodies will join the 50 unidentified bodies during tomorrow’s burial rites, on the anniversary of the sinking of vessel.

Princess Cruise Ship to Dock in Egypt for Engine Inspection – Pennington,USA
(9:30 pm EDT) — Royal Princess is returning to Port Said, Egypt, after a fire broke out in its engine room earlier today. According to the latest statement

Firm Bids To Plead Guilty In Cosco Busan Spill
CBS 5 – San Francisco,CA,USA
following a collision with the Bay Bridge. A federal judge was to hear arguments in San Francisco Friday on whether and how a Hong Kong-based ship

WORLD at 1600GMT (Pressemitteilung) – Wien,Austria
ORANJESTAD, Aruba _ A cruise ship hit by a swine flu outbreak arrives back at home port to the buzz of helicopters and a swarm of masked medical workers as

Napoli removal delayed
Devon 24 – UK
SALVORS tasked to lift the last remaining part of the MSC Napoli face even more delays. The operation, which was due to begin last Friday, has been halted


Japan ‘can fire’ on Somali pirates – Qatar
Despite international piracy efforts, the International Maritime Bureau has said that more ships have been attacked off Somalia in the first six months

A Little Crush Miss?

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Jun 172009

Two ABs working on the main deck of a PSV servicing an offshore installation are lucky to be walking around, following a close call involving the loading of a secion of crane boom according to a safety alert issued by the Aberdeen-based Marine Safety Forum.

Says the safety alert

“A recent high potential near miss occurred on a PSV during the back loading of a crane boom section from an offshore installation. Although no injuries were sustained as a result of this incident, two ABs working on the main deck at this time could potentially have been crushed resulting in 2 fatalities.

At the time of the incident, the PSV was starboard side alongside the installation back loading the second section of a crane boom.

This back loaded crane boom section was first landed on deck with no clearance from adjacent tote tanks. However, the ABs had to pass between these tote tanks and the back loaded crane boom section to access the crane hook for unlatching.

Therefore, the crane operator was asked to move the back loaded crane boom section towards the port side of the main deck to create a gap to allow the ABs clear access.

The crane operator moved the back loaded crane boom section 1-2 meters to port and asked the bridge whether the new position was satisfactory. The Bridge then confirmed with the ABs on deck that this new position was acceptable for them and then advised the crane operator accordingly.

The crane wire was then slackened down and the ABs started to pass between the back loaded crane boom section and the nearby tote tanks to unlatch the crane hook.

The crane operator then started to heave and raised the back loaded crane boom section by about 1 metre to approximately waist height with the ABs positioned between this back loaded crane boom section and the tote tanks. This resulted in a potential for the ABs to be crushed between the back loaded crane boom section and the tote tanks.

The bridge shouted a warning on the UHF radio to the ABs who were already aware of the hazardous situation and were moving to a safe position. The crane operator also then lowered the back loaded crane boom section to deck.

The prevailing weather conditions at the time of the incident were within acceptable working limits, consisting of a wind speed of 19 knots and sea conditions with a significant wave height of between 1.5 and 2.0 meters.

Main Findings and Recommendations:
The crane operator lifted the back loaded crane boom section off the vessel’s deck but failed to effectively communicate his intention to the vessel personnel. The crane operator also assumed that the vessel’s deck was clear of personnel.
The investigation of this incident identified the need to instruct crane operators to:-

• communicate their actions to the vessel before proceeding with lifting operations

• ensure that all communications are fully understood and verified by all relevant installation and vessel personnel before proceeding with any lifting operation

• avoid making assumptions and to verify with the vessel that the deck area is clear of all personnel before proceeding with lifting operations.”

Download the safety alert here

Or read online here:

Help Throw Light On A2N

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Jun 172009

Britain’s General Lighthouse Authorities, GLAs, are asking for comments and suggestions as they prepare the 2010 Aids To Navigation Review. MAC will collect any comments you make and pass them on.

The Aids to Navigation review is published every five years and since the last one, in 2005, there have been developments in the eNavigation concept at the IMO, increasingly widespread use of low maintenance LED lights, the development of AIS as an Aid To Navigation and, for the Northern Lighthouse Board, improved LORAN capabilities at Anthorn.

Most of the recommendation made in the 2005 review have been implemented.

For the next review the GLAs are looking for comments about the provision of Aids To Navigation in UK waters, especially whether the current mix is adequate and appropriate and whether there are areas where there are too many or too few.

MAC will bundle up any comments and forward them.

Maritime Safety/Security News – 17 June 2009

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Jun 172009

Three missing after Vietnam oil ship explodes: Official
Times of India – India
“We have to wait until we can bring up the vessel, to understand why the explosion occurred,” Phi said. State-linked VNExpress news website said the ship,

French court scraps Senegal minister warrants over Joola disaster
Africasia – London,UK
In Senegal, several ministers and high-ranking military officers were fired after the accident and compensation offered to the victims’ families

Probe launched into sinking of tug
Aberdeen Press and Journal – Aberdeen,Scotland,UK
By Jamie Buchan SEA accident investigators have begun an inquiry into the sinking of a tug boat near a north-east harbour. The Dutch-registered Ysselstroom

Lady Mary divers float collision theory
In two dives on the vessel, which lies 210 feet down, they have taken several pictures and video showing damage they argue must have come from a collision.

Owner of ill-fated vessel sells another ship – Philippines
By Jhunnex Napallacan CEBU CITY, Philippines—Almost a year after the Princess of the Stars sinking, Sulpicio Lines Inc. (SLI) sold another of its ships,

12 overboard incidents on cruises in 2009
United Press International – USA
Yet Cruise industry officials, as well as industry critics, insist most overboard incidents typically do not involve a simple accident,

Shipping firms pay price for US visa restrictions
Lloyd’s List – London,UK
A TIME limit on seafarer stays mandated by their visas is causing operational difficulties to chemical carrier and lightering companies operating in the US


Seized ship with Lankans heads to Somalian coast
Australia.TO – Sydney,NSW,Australia
According to the state news agency Saba, at least four Yemeni fishermen have been killed this year when they have come under fire from international

Interpol compiling Somali piracy suspect database
The Associated Press
“Small skiffs will find it difficult to operate in these conditions,” said Pottengal Mukundan, director of the London-based International Maritime Bureau.

V.Ships’ Sea Owl aims to detect piracy threats –
By John McLaughlin
SHIPMANAGEMENT giant V.Ships has developed maritime threat-detection technology that it hopes to see deployed soon in the Gulf of Aden as a non-lethal response to pirates, writes John McLaughlin . Sea Owl was developed over two years