Scary As She Goes For Romanian Tug

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Mar 142010

MAC doesn’t have any further data on the incident shown in this video involving CMA CGM DeBussy. It occurred in Romania, at Constanţa, so the results of any investigation, if there is one, may never be made publicly available.

We’d be happy to hear more about this accident. Fortunately there were no human casualties.

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Feb 232010

Tug Valour: Crew didn't follow stability letter

Tug Valour, a 1975-built ocean-going tug, sank on 18 January, 2006,  while towing a barge loaded with 175,000 barrels of oil. Three lives were lost because the crew did not adhere to the vessel’s stability letter  and cross-connect valves between port and starboard tanks pairs were left open in seas of up to 6 metres and winds reaching as much as 50 knots.

The US Coast Guard has issued a ‘lessons learned’ regarding the incident.

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ReCAAP Worries Missing Tug May Have Been Hijacked

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Feb 092010

Tug Asta - missing, believed hijacked in Malaysian waters

ReCAAP, the anti-piracy organisation for Asia has alerted governent agencies in the region that a Singapore tug and its tow may have been hijacked off Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. Contact was lost with the vessel, it has reportedly deviated from its planned course and is believed to be heading north east in the South China Sea.

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Dec 222008

phantomOn 19 December 2007 the tug Flying Phantom capsized on the Clyde in thick fog while assisting the bulker Red Jasmine. Of the tug’s four crew only one survived. It was a tragedy born not of single errors but of systemic weaknesses that persisted despite earlier incidents which presented lesson that no-one, apparently, was willing to learn.

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