Extended piracy zones increase protection for at risk seafarers

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Mar 282011

Computer based learning for vessel defence

The International Bargaining Forum (IBF) has agreed to add an extended zone of risk to the existing high risk piracy area in order to improve the protection of seafarers working in the ever-widening areas in which pirates operate.

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MV Zirku Pirated

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Mar 282011

At approximately 0900Z on 28 March, the Crude Oil Tanker the MV ZIRKU was pirated approximately 250 nautical miles South East of Salalah in the eastern part of the Gulf of Aden


The UAE flagged and Kuwaiti owned vessel was on its way to Singapore from Bashayer (Sudan) when it was attacked.  The vessel was attacked by 2 pirate skiffs firing RPGs and small arms. The MV ZIRKU has a crew of 29 (1 Croatian, 1 Iraqi, 1 Filipino, 1 Indian, 3 Jordanians, 3 Eqyptians, 2 Ukrainians and 17 Pakistanis). There is no further information about the crew at present.

The MV ZIRKU was registered with MSC(HOA), and was reporting to UKMTO.  EUNAVFOR are continuing to monitor the situation.

 International Bargaining Forum reaches new piracy area agreement.

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Mar 262011

Pirated vessels like the FV JIH CHUN TSAI 68, pictured here, are often used as motherships to launch attacks on victims

Following in-depth discussion amongst the parties of the International Bargaining Forum, a new agreement has been reached for vessels and seafarers trading in the pirated waters of the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and North Indian Ocean, which will be implemented from 1 April 2011, allowing ship operators time to make any necessary preparations to follow the new agreement.

The IBF says that it “… also wishes to take this opportunity to call upon international governments to enforce the right of safe, free and unhindered passage, so that world trade may continue without causing any threat to the lives of the seafarers sailing aboard merchant vessels in the course of their normal duties”. Continue reading »

Piracy Update – Including NATO Advisory

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Mar 202011


At approximately 0730Z on 16 March, the Bulk Cargo Carrier MV SINAR KUDUS was pirated approximately 320 nautical miles North East of the island of Socotra in the Somali Basin. Within 24 hours of being taken, she was used to launch an unsuccessful attack on the MV EMPEROR.

The MV SINAR KUDUS, which is Indonesian flagged and owned, was on its way to Suez (Egypt) from Singapore when it was attacked. Details of the attack are not known at this time but initial reports from the crew stated that 30 to 50 pirates had boarded and taken control of the vessel. The MV SINAR KUDUS has a crew of 20, all Indonesian.

Within 24 hours of the attack, the MV SINAR KUDUS was used to launch a further attack on the Liberian flagged Bulk Carrier MV EMPEROR. A skiff with 5 pirates on board was launched from the SINAR KUDUS and attacked the EMPEROR but was repelled by the armed force from the merchant vessel. The EMPEROR was subsequently reported to be safe. Continue reading »

USN Gives More Details of Quest Deaths

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Feb 232011

A pirate fired an RPG at the USS Sterett, a guided missile carrier

US Navy Vice Admiral Mark I. Fox has provided more information on the yacht Quest tragedy.

Four pirates are dead and 15 are in custody, but not before they killed four Americans in the bloodiest piracy incident in recent history, the commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command told reporters in a conference call.

Two pirates were found dead inside the yacht after US special forces boarded the vessel unopposed. It is unknown whether or not the hostages had arms available to them

Navy Vice Admiral Mark I. Fox, who also commands the Navy’s 5th Fleet, said the pirates shot Scott and Jean Adams of California and Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle of Washington state. The surface vessel Quest was sailing around the world when the Somalis hijacked it off the coast of Oman. Continue reading »

Piracy Report 21 January

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Jan 212011

Renuar: A wolf in ship's clothing

The following information derives from the weekly NATO Shipping Centre report which provides further details.

Japan 555 (Malaysia 618 / Tai Yuan 227) –is assessed to be used as mothership and be involved in the attack on a merchant vessel in pos 14°56N 059°14E at 1023UTC 20 JAN 2011

RENUAR, JIH CHUN TSAI 68, GOLDEN WAVE (also known as GEUMMI 305) and one of the PRANTALAYs have left the anchorage and it assessed to be used by pirates as a mothership, no position at this time, but Renuar maybe heading to Arabian sea Continue reading »

Seized Samho Jewelry Saved

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Jan 212011

Samho Jewelry

Korea’s Yonhap news agency is reporting that special forces have re-taken the Samho Jewelery, hijacked 15 on January in an operation called “Dawn of Gulf of Aden”. All21 crew are alive. The master suffered a shot to the stomach during the action but the injuries are sad to be non-life-threatening.

Eight pirates are reported killed and five taken into custody in the five-hour  operation, which took place  about 1,300 kilometres off northeast Somalia.

When hijacked Samho Jewelry was not registered with MSC(HOA) and had not reported to UKMTO.

Filipino Secret Weapon – The Pirate Blaster

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Jan 202011

Fearsomely noisy, mildly dangerous, this Filipino boga is derived from the lantaka noisemaker. Photo: Newsflash.org

MAC is a great believer in out-of-the-box thinking that’s smarter than taking a gun out of the box when it comes to pirates. So he was delighted at the ingenuity of Captain Ramonito Tudtud’s device which has proved itself on the firing line against pirates and might come in handy on New Years Eve.

And we’re going to tell you how to make one for yourself for next to nothing.

Here, in his own words, is his story, with some edits for clarity: “…the main reason for the aborted attack we had on 20 November 2010 which lasted less than 30 minutes, was our good preparation for a fake deterrence.

I say “fake” because the pirates only hear a loud blast like a hi-powered firearm which we made when the ship’s employment was confirmed passing infested waters. Continue reading »

Website of note: Oceans Beyond Piracy

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Jan 192011

It’s always easier to tackle an intransigent problem when you know its background and what’s being done to resolve it. Oceans Beyond Piracy recently hit the headlines with its report on the global cost of piracy has a highly informative website on the background to piracy, documents, outlines of what is being done and what can be done among which is the use of equipment laws to put pirates out of business before they do any damage, a concept that worked well against slavers in the 1800s. Continue reading »