Indian Iron Ore Warnings Continue

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Dec 162010

image North of English P&I Club, Nepia, has issued and alert regarding post-monsoon loading iron ore cargoes in India. Liquefaction of cargo is, unfortunately a common cause of ships foundering.

Warns Nepia: “The risks of loss of life, damage to the environment and loss of property are only too apparent, but if a Member fails to comply with the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code and / or local regulations they should also be aware that they might be prejudicing Club cover. All of the Group Clubs have similar Rules which in essence exclude cover for liabilities, costs and expenses arising from unsafe or unduly hazardous trades or voyages.

Among the problems encountered are:

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Grounding Hazard: Barranquilla, Colombia

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Nov 302010

Barranquilla, Colombia

A&A Multiprime has recently warned of a possible grounding risk at Barranquilla, Colombia. In the last month three vessels have grounded in the Magdalena River while entering the port of Barranquilla.

This is the result of an excessive amount of sediment being carried into the channel by the river and without sufficient dredging operations to deal with the problem.

Masters should ensure that pilots are using the most recent local bathymetric charts and that echo sounders are used while passing through the channel. Furthermore, it is very important that ship’s officers on the bridge work closely with pilots at all times.

Source: Steamship Mutual


MAIB Flyer Highlights Lifting Dangers

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Nov 242010

Buckling to the Cormorant ‘A’ frame and its foundation

In the wake of its publication of investigations into incidents aboard the Sand Falcon and the floating sheerleg Cormorant Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB,  has issued a safety flyer on failure of non-cargo handling lifting appliances.

The dredger Sand Falcon was alongside at a jetty when the trolley from its gantry-type stores crane came off and fell 7.5m landing on the deck guardrails. The trolley weighed over 400kg and narrowly missed the 7 people who were working nearby on the main deck and ashore on the jetty. The crane was being prepared to load ship’s stores at the time and was not carrying any load.

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Tows Can Kill You Around Corners

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Nov 202010

The recoil or ‘snap-back’ area to Llanddwyn Island’s forward deck when working with a hawser around the port dolly pin.

One of many lessons in the MAIB report of the fatality aboard the workboat Llanddwyn Island is that just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it can’t kill you: A deckhand, Edward Kay, died when a doubled-chain attaching a hawser to a dredger broke, snapping the hawser back and around the workboat’s wheelhouse and killed him.

Llanddwyn Island had been towing the dredger Manu Pekka. The two were connected by a hawser which terminated in a chain passed through a pad-eye on Manu Pekka and back on itself to the hawser.

The crew of Llanddwyn Island considered the chain to be the ‘weak link’. The configuration reduced the working load of the chain by 25 per cent an considerably reduced its ability to absorb shock-loads. its inclusion was not in accordance with best towing practice and was inappropriate for the work being conducted.

Edward was an experienced deckhand who was undoubtedly aware of the dangers associated with a tensioned line. It is not known why he moved to the forward part of the deck while Llanddwyn Island was still manoeuvring ahead against the hawser,
particularly as the skipper had not signalled to him that it was safe to do so.

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Sep 102010

imageConfined or dangerous spaces may depend literally on which way the wind blows. The Jo Eik incident is one example and Steamship Mutual’s current Risk Alert makes similar points as well as highlighting the hazards that a known dangerous space might present to adjacent spaces.

A key lesson is: know your ventilation system.

Says the risk alert: “A recent incident has highlighted the potential dangers posed by seemingly safe spaces. A bulk carrier on passage with a fumigated cargo of wheat had to medically evacuate two of its crew who became overcome by fumes from the fumigant in number 1 cargo hold whilst they were working in the forecastle store, which was adjacent to the hold.

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Evil Eye Drops 9.5 Tonnes

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Aug 242010

The crane pennant and the Flemish eye tails which have unravelled and pulled out of the ferruleA badly made Flemish eye crane pennant failed on an offshore installation dropping of a 9.5 tonne load causing what the UK’s Heath & Safety Executive calls “a serious incident. Inadequate testing by the manufacturer and incomplete technical information lead to the Flemish eye being manufactured with a mismatched ferrule/wire rope arrangement.

This incident occurred on an offshore installation during the lifting of a container weighing 9.5 tonnes. A 5 metre long, 15 tonne working load limit crane pennant was connected between the crane hook and the master link on the container sling set. The crane pennant had been manufactured from 36mm diameter wire rope and the eyes on each end had been formed by using the Flemish eye technique. Steel ferrules had been used as the termination and these had been pressed over the Flemish eye rope strand tails. During the lifting of the load the wire rope strands in the tails of the Flemish eye connected to the pennant hook became free inside the ferrule allowing the Flemish eye to unravel and the load to fall. Continue reading »


Don’t Be Too ‘andy with the ‘ammer

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Aug 092010

The bruising hammer

Take your time and maybe used less force on vessel connections suggests Marine Safety Forum following a recent injury.

A platform supply ship was called into the platform to discharge water and fuel. Two deck crewmen were on duty. The weather was calm and fine and it was daylight.

The FW hose was sent down to the starboard side amidships. The IP went to take the end cap off the vessel connection. The connection faces aft and is about 1 metre off the deck. He faced the manifold and took a small hand sledge hammer in his right hand and held the cap in his left hand in case it spun and fell to the deck. He struck the cap lugs with force moving the hammer from right to left to turn the cap anti-clockwise. The hammer head glanced off the cap lugs and struck his left hand heavily on the palm at the base of his thumb.

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Home Made Accident “Waiting To Happen”

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Aug 092010

Tugger wasn't tough enough

Homemade tools don’t belong onboard says Marine Safety Forum in its lastest Safety Flash concerning an incident that could have resulted in serious injury.

A supply vessel was instructed to return to port due to poor weather conditions at the field. The Captain instructed the deck crew to ensure the containers on deck were adequately secured using chain lashings. The chain lashings were put in place and the decision taken by the deck crew to use the tugger winch to tighten the lashings. When the tugger was tensioned up the chain lashing parted and a piece of flying debris struck and broke the bridge centre aft window.

The investigation found that a home chain connection (a piece of chain welded to a stainless steel shackle) had at some stage been introduced into the cargo lashing system. This was probably done so the tugger wire hook could be quickly connected.

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Beware Around Cranes Says Hong Kong

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May 122010

image Hong Kong’s Marine Department has issued the following safety alert regarding safe working practices around cranes:

A serious accident occurred in January 2010 in which a coxswain onboard a dredger was seriously injured attempting to lubricate the crane turntable whilst the crane was operating. The investigation into the accident revealed that the coxswain climbed beneath the crane turntable without notifying the crane operator. He was caught between the mudguard and the turntable and severely injured by the motion of the machinery.

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