Enclosed/Confined Space Incidents “Fatalities Increasing”

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Feb 092013

safespaceConfined/Enclosed spaces not only continue to take their toll, says the UK P&I Club, but are on the increase despite recent measures to reduce such incidents. The club has issued a refresher of previous articles and information in its latest Loss Prevention Bulletin to bring entry into enclosed spaces to the forefront of people’s minds in light of recent deaths.

Says UK P&I: “Despite the wealth of information available, many deaths have been caused by seafarers being unaware of, or ignoring the correct procedures prior to entering an enclosed space”.

Two weeks ago, a junior officer died after entering a cargo hold to collect a cargo sample. Despite being warned by multiple crew members of the dangers prior to entry, the officer entered the hold and then exited due to “bad air” inside. The officer then re-entered the hold after a mere five minutes of unforced ventilation. Once inside, he was quickly overcome by gases caused by the cargo and fell unconscious, losing his grip on the ladder and falling. The alarm was raised and he was extracted from the hold by ship’s crew using breathing apparatus and taken to hospital where he unfortunately passed away. No senior officers were aware of his entry to the hold, and the proper SMS procedures had not been followed. Continue reading »

Jul 212011

SafeSpace member Javier Saavedra from Galicia, Spain, has alerted us to a news report of the death of a worker in the ballast of a harbor dredger in a neighboring province.

One crewmember went inside the ballast tank without having previously made a gas check. On entering he lost consciousness and fell down and another crewman attempted to resce him, also losing consciousness.
Eventually a third crewmember went inside wearing a SCBA set and managed to take his two crewmates out. Rescucitation treatment was immediately commenced by the crew and as soon as emergency services showed up they immediately evacuated one of the casualties to hospital suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest. Continue reading »
May 302011

What happened?

This alert is to advise you on a fatality incident which occurred on 9th April 2011 in Indonesia.

Three workers lost their lives and one other narrowly escaped death when they entered a dewatering tank after initial preparation activities prior to a coil tubing well unloading operation.

One worker entered the tank initially and lost consciousness. The others entered to rescue him. The individuals were asphyxiated by Nitrogen. Continue reading »

Silent Assassin Again – One Fatality, Four Hurt

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Sep 222007

Anyone familiar with The Case Of The Silent Assassin will recognise what happened in this report from Today’s Zaman.  It’s self-evident these seafarers were not adequately trained, did not follow safe entry procedures and it’s doubtful whether they were aware of the ship’s SMS.

“Five crewmembers of a Ukrainian vessel, on its way to Hatay’s Iskenderun district to load its freight from an iron and steel factory, have been poisoned by a reported air contamination and one has died. Continue reading »

Jun 282007

Ships are dangerous places for the badly trained, the unwary, the careless. In this case two seafarers were killed by almost nothing.

The Case of the Silent Assassin

Listen to the podcast and read the illustrated transcript here