Jul 292014

Morning Midas. Photo: Eukor Car Carriers Inc.

Overboard is not the place for discarded mooring lines as  Lombard Corporate Finance Ltd., owner of the Eukor car carrier Morning Midas, discovered in an Australian courtroom. As Australia’s Maritime Safety Authority, AMSA. points out wandering mooring lines are a hazard to other vessels, which is how this case came to light.

The errant 30 to 25 metre line was discovered the hard way by the pilot

launch Wyuna III in the early hours ofAugust 1, 2012 near the pilot boarding station outside Port Phillip Heads when it became entangled in the propellers of the launch and stalled its engines.
An AMSA investigation found charts linking two GPS locations from the Morning Midas deck log book and the site of the collision of the Wyuna III with the mooring line. Morning Midas  failed to report a danger to navigation posed by the mooring line.

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Rotterdam Port To Measure Ships From Japan For Radioactivity As Waters Released

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Apr 042011

Rotterdam has announced that it will measure radioactivity on ships arriving from Japan before entering port. The move comes as thousands of gallons of contaminated water are released into the sea from the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plants.

In a statement, the Port of Rotterdam says: “For precautionary reasons, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to measure ships from Japan at sea, before entering the port, for the presence of radioactivity.

‘We do not expect to find concentrations of radioactivity above permitted levels. In order to confirm this, we will measure the presence of radioactivity before the ship enters our port. As Harbour Master, I believe that we have an obligation to do this on behalf of those directly involved in handling the ship. By doing so we can remove many concerns and people can work safely’, says René de Vries, (State) Harbour Master of Rotterdam. Continue reading »