Nov 172014

If you don’t look after your lifeboat

It won’t look after you

We want to adapt this for a seven minute video and mobile app to be distributed free of charge to seafarers. PSC surveys to hand out or show during their visits, shipping companies to their fleets, P&I Clubs to their members, seafarers organisations to their members. Video will undoubtedly be more effective at getting the messages across, however, it does cost a lot more to make to a professional standard. We need to raise a modest $5,000 to cover the cost of producing the video. If you’d like to help save seafarers lives, and address a leading cause if seafarer fatalities then check out the project here.


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We’ll call them Paul and Butch. Not their real names but they were real people. They can no longer tell you their story.

Paul was Third Engineer and Butch was an Ordinary Seaman aboard the Lowlands Grace when she anchored in ballast nearly 12 miles off Port Hedland, Australia on the morning of the 6th of October, 2004 to wait for a cargo of iron ore for China. Continue reading »

This Week’s Podcast: The Case Of The Bosun’s Crush

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Nov 102014

Bosun Jack was dead. His body lay under the worklights beside a pool of blood. The instrument of his death was a short distance away. One thing is certain, his killer still hunts seafarers.

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The Bosun We’ll call him Jack. Not his real name but he was a real person. He was 56, and had been at sea for 30 years. On January 11, 2007 he was the boatswain aboard the Tasman Resolution. He knew the ship well, he’d been aboard for six weeks this time but he’d served out three previous contracts aboard her and a sister ship. Along with the chief officer he’d taught the third officer how to handle the ship’s gantry crane. The third officer, we’ll call him Charlie, was 26. He’d been aboard for 10 weeks. It was his second contract since getting his certificate of competency. There were also three ABs working with Charlie and Jack that night, Dave, Ed and Frank.

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This Week’s Podcast: The Case of the Silent Assassin

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Nov 032014

The Case of the Silent Assassin has become a MAC classic confined space safety lesson.

An excellent live action/CGI video version has been produced by IDESS Interactive Technologies.

Ships are dangerous places for the badly trained, the unwary, the careless. In this case two seafarers were killed by almost nothing.



The Pumpman and the Deckboy

We’ll call them Carlo and Rick. Not their real names but they were real people. Like one in five merchant seafarers around the world they were Filipino. Their forebears served the world’s fleets more than eight centuries ago, So, in a sense, the sea was in Carlo and Rick’s blood when they joined the Sapphire. Carlo was the Pumpman and keen to do his job well and impress the ship’s officers. In his sights, perhaps, was promotion: the ship’s third officer, also a Filipino, had been the ship’s pumpman on his previous tour. Part of Carlo’s duties was to clean the tanks after discharge to make them ready for the next cargo and he constantly worried about whether he’d cleaned them well enough. He talked about his concerns so often that the Italian Chief Officer the chief officer assured him “Don’t worry, we’ll still be friends even if the tanks aren’t clean”. Still, Carlo fretted about his tanks. Tanks, of course, are enclosed spaces and ten months before our story Carlo visited the ship’s library and borrowed videos on safe entry into enclosed spaces. Rick joined the Sapphire in the first week of March 1999 and Carlo seems to have taken the young seafarer under his wing. Like the other crewmen, who were also Filipino, Rick often wore a filter mask when handling smelly cargoes and carried the mask on his belt ready for use. Continue reading »

Little Red Ship Part 2 Now Available

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Nov 212010

She was built for the adventures of a lifetime in one of the most survival-challenging, and vanishing environments on the planet with a reputation for the world’s worst weather. This adventure was the end of a lifetime among the icebergs for the Little Red Ship.

Part 1 told the story of the sinking of MS Explorer, known to her fans as The Little Red Ship, Part 2 looks at causes and potential cures.

It is available in the premium library or linked at the bottom of Part 1:

Re-Issue: The Case of the Cygnet’s Kiss

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Oct 292010

image At the time of our story, British Cygnet is enroute in ballast from Rotterdam to Fredericia in Denmark with a draught of 9 metres. A critical part of her passage is southbound through a narrow buoyed channel north of Fynshoved.

The channel is also on the passage plan of a German-flagged containership of around 4,000 gross tonnes owned by Rederei Rambow. Her name is the Vera . She’s on her way from Arhus to Bremerhaven with a draught of 4.8 metres and her intention is to pass through the channel northbound. That was the plan.

You can listen The Case of the Cygnet’s Kiss in our premium library.

Martians On Watch? The Tokyo Bay UFO

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Aug 052010

Tokyo Bay - Buzzed by ET?

MAC’s interests are nothing if not eclectic so he was intrigued by a report of a rather spectacular UFO sighting from the P&O Nedlloyd containership Tokyo Bay while enroute from Port Klang, Malaysia to Southampton. The report, made to the UK Meteorological Office and passed on to the Ministry of Defence, has been release by Britain’s National Archives among other MoD UFO reports.

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Jul 182010

When accidents happen, SOPEP is your friend says the fifth, and last, episode of Take 5 News Marpol reports available in the Premium library.

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Program of Note: Pirates – Can’t Try, Won’t Try

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Jul 112010

imageDealing with piracy is such a minefield that one European warship, having captured a gang of Somali pirates, quietly and secretly dumped then on a Somali beach at night. Had they been prosecuted in Europe it would have been almost impossible to send them back to Somalia.

BBC Radio 4’s investigative series The Report is an excellent backgrounder on the current state of play.